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10 December, 2016
White Cat Camouflaged Into Carpet

Whenever a campaign lands in my inbox that involves one of the pets in my life, I get this overwhelming sense of pride come over me, and that is exactly what happened when Carpetright's Carpet Camouflage campaign landed in my inbox.

Originally Carpetright's outreach email, which asked for me to take some photos of a pet camouflaged against one of Carpetright's products, was intended for my dog, Toffee. Unfortunately due to the long-winded house move I'm currently involved in, I didn't have the time to visit home and make the deadline that was set, but that certainly wasn't going to halt my eagerness for getting involved. Nope! Instead, I suggested that we could use Tink, James' not-so-little white cat, to model for us on a white carpet. 

Being a snow white cat, he hardly ever gets the chance to camouflage into his surroundings so this was truly his moment to shine! As Tink is usually quite docile and spends the majority of his day sleeping, I left James in charge as 'official cat photographer' as we expected snapping these photos would be a piece of cake. Of course if you ever expect something to be easy, it never is... especially when you're working with animals! 

James spent the majority of two days luring Tink to strike a pose on the carpet, but unfortunately he wasn't so easily persuaded. Not even a shake of a Dreamies packet could convince this guy! He suddenly decided to turn up his sass levels to the maximum and did not want to participate in his little photoshoot at all. I spent the day at work bombarded with texts from James narrating Tink's escapades as he avoided the strange, new carpet that had arrived at all costs; it was like the perfect making of a sitcom episode.

Eventually, when all seemed lost, Tink finally came around, casually stretched out and looked up into the camera with those big, angelic green eyes as if nothing had happened. These photos were only happening on his terms and his terms, as is the case with most cats, wouldn't you say?

White Cat Camouflaged Into Carpet
White Cat Camouflaged Into Carpet


*This post was written in collaboration with the PAW-some team at Carpetright, but all words are my own.


  1. He's so adorable and such a wonderful model! A very imaginative take on a cool campaign.


  2. I've never seen a completly white cat before, Tink is lovely! x

  3. Try having a black cat, he camoflages into the night!!!

    Rachel //

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