17 December, 2010

As of next week, I am an official slave to the retail industry, working right up until midnight! Taking on two jobs was a bad and reckless idea, but straight away the dollar signs lit up in my eyes and I seized the opportunity. I have decided to quit Waterstones before my contract is up though, because juggling two jobs just isn't healthy for me any longer. It's tiring and I'm stupidly behind on my uni work. My last day with them is on Boxing Day, so I still have next week to battle through working two jobs in a single day.


I've been alone in this flat for the past couple of days, so I've been pretty lonely and bored. Sucks to be me.

I am far from in a Christmassy mood this year, which is a first and rather sad. I'm resentful at the fact I have to stay in Southampton rather than be able to go back to Essex and meet up with my school friends and family. All in the name of money, I suppose.

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