Just Like Honey

31 July, 2011

Top: Peacocks
Hotpants: Topshop

Lipstick: Rimmel in 409 Hyper

I know I am the most indecisive and unreliable person ever, but I've decided to make a return to Blogger. I decided to keep my Tumblr as more of a showcase of my artwork and keep fashion and general ramblings separate (until I change my mind again!). Today's outfit wasn't thought through much at all, as the furthest I've ventured from the flat today is to Asda. Sadly, I hardly ever wear these hotpants because I hate the top of my legs, however I teamed them with sheer tights today, so I was a lot more comfortable about wearing them!

The lipstick I'm currently wearing is what I like to call my goth lipstick. I picked it up a few months ago off of one of those little town market-stalls that sells make-up at a fraction of the price. Usually, I never trust buying cheap make-up, however the deep purple of this lipstick was exactly what I was looking for, so I took the gamble! No weird rashes or irritations as of yet! It is actually surprisingly one of my most long-lasting lipsticks too!

I quickly popped into Topshop today and tried on the Topshop Allegra Boots and I can officially say I'm in love. I'm skint to the bone at the moment however, so I'm going to have to give it a few weeks before I can splash out on them. Hopefully they won't sell out!

Leigh xx


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