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22 August, 2011

Trilby: Warehouse | Sheer Shirt: New Look | Rosary Beads: Rome | Allegra Boots: Topshop

Allegra Boots: Topshop

This is a quick outfit post from what I wore on Saturday night out with the lovely Toni. I bought the Allegras a few weeks ago and they were so hard to get hold of! My local Topshop only had a size 4 left and I'm an awkward 4.5, so I usually get a size 5 rather than squeeze into a 4. However, I decided these were worth the pain! Luckily though a week later I went in to Topshop again and they had a size 5 sitting there, so I exchanged them straight away, so now they're a much better and less painful fit!

From my recent trip to Rome, I acquired lots and lots of rosary beads from the Vatican City. I've always wanted genuine rosaries, rather than some from the high street and the ones I'm wearing in this photo are a pale pink and were bought from some nuns in St. Peter's Basilica in Rome! I'm waiting on developing a few more sets of film from my trip, so I'll upload the pictures pretty soon.

I'm making a quick visit home to London tomorrow, then back to Southampton Wednesday night.

Leigh xx


  1. You're so lucky you can pull off a trilby! I look ridiculous haha.

  2. You look gorgeous! I love the boots :)

  3. oh i want allegras so badly! x


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