OOTD: Unknown Pleasures

28 August, 2011

Eyelashes: eBay

Velvet Boots: Topshop

This is my boyfriend's tee & I've stolen it whilst he's at work. I keep meaning to buy my own so I can take off the sleeves and slash the neck to make it a little more "feminine". The album artwork for Unknown Pleasures is actually one of my favourite record sleeves of all time. I've even considered getting it tattooed on the inside of my wrist, but this is probably just a flying thought that will never materialise.

I joined the gym this week as I've been wanting to for ages. There's a lovely gym right by where I work so I've been going before work. I'm sick of complaining about how much I hate my figure so it's time to actually do something about it! I also went for my first yoga lesson today, which is something I've been meaning to get into for a while. I loved it! It's pretty difficult though, I ended up in positions I never thought possible! I can feel the benefits already though, my muscles have been relaxed all day!

A couple of weeks ago I ordered eyelashes from Hong Kong on a whim. I thought why not as they were selling 40 pairs for 99p. My lashes never last more than 2 outings so rather than pay £5 a pair, I figured 99p for 40 pairs is more appropriate. As you can see a couple of them got damaged in the shipping, but I'm not going to complain. What do you expect for under a pound? Obviously they're not going to be the best quality, but I've got some on now and they're not irritating at all. You can pick them up from this seller.

I also invested in the Artwork blue velvet boots from Topshop recently. Topshop really have not impressed me with their A/W line that's in the Southampton store at the moment, but their boots have certainly won me over again! They were £75 like the Allegras, which is a bit more than I usually spend on shoes but hey-ho they're ever so pretty and certainly are a new welcome addition to the family.

Leigh xx


  1. I love Joy Division! Your boyfriend has great taste in music :)

  2. How long did the eyelashes take to arrive? I want to order some :)
    x x

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  4. your blog is really lovely! i'm following now. i'm always wanting to wear my boyfriends clothes (especially his jurassic park tee) but he's 6 foot 6 and really broad shouldered, so alas it's not happening..

    i'd love some velvet boots, i have a bit of a crushed velvet obession but sadly i don't have 75 quid spare!

    big big fan of joy division!

    i'll keep checking in. x



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