Glossybox November 2011

24 November, 2011

Arbonne FC5 Cooling Foot Creme, Dead Sea Spa Magik Sea Bath Salts, Monu Skin Perfector, Nail Rock Designer Nail Wraps (Leopard Print), Serge Lutens Unisex Perfume Samples.

So, this was my second Glossybox to date and I know a lot of people were really unhappy with this month's selection. I, however, am more than happy with my box minus the perfume samples! I really believe putting perfume samples in a beauty box is a cop out, because you can pick them up for free at beauty counters. If anything, they should be added extras in the box.

I am guilty of never pampering my feet and I really do take them for granted. The foot cream will hopefully get me kick-started on a care regime for them. I am super happy with the Monu Skin Perfector as I love face creams. I have a whole collection on my dressing table of different brands, because I have never settled on the perfect one for my combination, spot-prone skin. If anyone has any recommendations to stop monthly breakouts please let me know. The Monu face cream is specialized for fine lines and imperfections, so although it may not be for me I am still curious to try it. It is also a full-size product retailing at £16.25 making Glossybox already worth more than you're paying for at £12.95 a month.

Oh, how I wish I had a bath to use the bath salts, but unfortunately I only have a shower so they're to go unused. This is a shame because it seems like quite a good product. I've never tried nail wraps before so I'm unsure on whether I will get along with them or not.

I did want to do an outfit or wardrobe post today, but I'm hating my face at the moment. I'm also hating my camera. I will definitely be investing in a DSLR in January, I think.


  1. Ooo I've been wanting to get onboard with nail wraps. Do let us know how you get on!

  2. I've been wanting nail wraps for ages! I'd be interested to find out how they worked out. I've been contemplating getting a Glossybox for so long! XO

  3. Wow free stuff, that's awesome! shame you can't use them all.


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