Christmas List!

10 December, 2011

Amazon Kindle, Leopard Kindle Cover, White Birdcage, Fox Plushie, 'In Vogue' Book, Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum Foundation in Very Light 01, "The Beautiful: Illustrations for Fashion & Style" Book, Watercolour Moleskine, Navy Turban, MAC Lipstick in Film Noir, Flower Garland.

This is a little visual list of what I'm wishing for this Christmas! I'm not going to lie, it is only a fraction of my forever-growing a wishlist. However with this list I decided to leave off any clothes, which makes a change! I really think it is about time I upgraded to a Kindle. I can understand the feeling of wanting to own a physical book as there's something charming about reading from a dog-earred, coffee-stained novel! I think I would read a lot more if I owned a Kindle as it's so light to transport. I actually gave up reading the last novel I was on simply because of the size of it - it just wasn't convenient to carry it around. The leopard cover would match my current phone cover, so it would perfectly accompany a Kindle!

I tried out the Estee Lauser Double Wear Maximum Foundation in Debenhams and it is perfectly suited to my skin. I suffer from monthly outbreaks and it's so hard to find a high coverage foundation that lasts all day. It's a little more than I would usually pay for a foundation, hence the reason why it's on my giftlist ;) Both "In Vogue" and "The Beautiful: Illustrations for Fashion & Style" are amazing books that I have wanted in my collection of ever-growing art, design and fashion library for a while now!

I think the cuddly toy fox is self-explanatory! How adorable is he?! I'm a sucker for cuddly toys and actually 'aww' aloud at them as if they were a real animal. I need to get a grip and grow up! The white birdcage and flower garland would just be to make my dressing table look a little prettier!


  1. I have that book - it's lovely...buuuut I haven't really looked at it properly since last Christmas!! :/ i never get time!!

  2. Love both those books!!!
    Great blog bb ; )
    Hope you'd check mine out when you can?



  3. Definitely recommend a kindle! I felt the same about books but the beauty of being in the middle of nowhere, on holiday, on the train, and being able to download any book in seconds is so cool!! The 3g version even lets you browse the internet for free anywhere! I say go for it!

  4. Can you order Santa all this list for two and send the extras to me?! hahahah I gave up on reading for the same reason.. i think we´re too lazy!
    Hope you get evrything you want!!


  5. want the turban now!

    kiss dear

  6. Love the birdcage! My mum has one in her bedroom with fairy lights and little birds - it's gorgeous :)

    Ellen xx

  7. Love all of these! Especially the turban!


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