OOTD: Flowers & Mushrooms

18 December, 2011

Vintage Floral Jumper: £4 via eBay, Mushroom Print T-Shirt: £12, Brick Lane Market, Pink Jeans: £40, Topshop

This look is a lot more girly compared to what I usually wear. It's also a bit summery for December, but I'm not bothered. It's nice to add some colour into an outfit somedays! Plus, Southampton seems to be the only place in the country at the moment where we still have blazing sunshine and no sign of snow! I bought these pink jeans a size down before the summer and I hadn't worn them, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out a week ago they now fit! I have a strange obsession with mushrooms, I love drawing them and just think they're fascinating to look at, so when I saw this t-shirt on a stall in Brick Lane earlier this year I just had to get it. The print is repeated all over, including the back, so £12 was an absolute steal for this original t-shirt!

Today, I booked my travel home to Essex for Christmas day and started some Christmas shopping! I'm so happy now I know I'm going home for Christmas! Unfortunately I have to work both Christmas Eve and Boxing Day, but as long as I get to see my family on Christmas Day itself I'm content! I absolutely adore what I've bought for my sister's present (I won't post it on here in case she sees!), but I'm contemplating purchasing it for myself as well!


  1. This jumper reminds me of being a kid! Me and my sister had matchings and at the time I hated it - re styled on you though it looks awesome! Especially against your hair colour


  2. love how you've styled the color of your jeans, great look!



  3. That floral print is so cute. I love the umbrella top too, it's gooorgeous. XO

  4. Love that t-shirt! What are your plans for NYE? Let me know cos I may be back :) Miss you tbh x

  5. That shirt is absolutely amazing. & I hate mushrooms!

  6. I love the colours here :) you suit the pink colours!
    I often buy my sister gifts and then keep them for myself hehe


  7. loooove your jumper.

    J x


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