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08 December, 2011

Leather Dress: H&M

I wore this faux leather dress out last night for a birthday party. I actually received it last Christmas as a present but completely forgot I owned it. Last night though it finally got some of the attention it deserved! I love re-discovering old clothes because I feel as if I am wearing something new, even though it's been crammed in a dark never-ending hovel of my wardrobe for years! I'm so happy I saw this little number though, because it will definitely be making a trip outside of the wardrobe again soon!

I'm not sure what to do with my hair at the moment. As you can see my roots are pretty drastic! Although, I quite like the grown out look with my hair going from brown to ginger to blonde subtly. However, the dark roots mean my hair looks greasier than it actually is quicker, so maybe it would be easier just to retouch them. Any thoughts and opinions on the grown out roots would be appreciated. Shall I keep them or do they just look trashy?

I apologise for the fact I've had to edit the hell out of these photos. My camera is slowly getting worse and almost doesn't focus at all now without the flash on (as you can tell from the bottom photo). Hopefully I'll replace it in Janaury with a new nice and shiny DSLR!


  1. This dress looks so good on you, like it was made for you!!


  2. Ohh this looks amazing on you lady, so prettty xxx

  3. that dress looks amazing on you! i can't pull off that look at all x

  4. nice leather dress!! Very sexy!

  5. You look amazing here! I love the lipstick! and I like your hair I don't it looks trashy for me looks fashionable, nice lenght too :)

  6. You look awesome, this is such a lush dress and suits your lipstick perfectly for a glam-rock style!
    You have a really cool blog, we are following!
    JS xx



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