Merry Christmas!

25 December, 2011

Just sharing a few snaps of Christmas day in my brief visit home to Essex. I have to go back to Southampton tomorrow because I have work in the afternoon. I'm dreading the journey across London to catch my coach as the tube drivers are selfishly on strike, again! If I have to get a bus to the other side of London, I will not be a happy bunny!

All in all, I've had a lovely time and I've got some wonderful presents (as you can see above). I finally got some Underground creepers from Elliot, but sadly they're too big so I'm going to have to wait for them to be exchanged before I can wear them :'( My feet seem to just be getting smaller and smaller these days! He also bought me a Kindle complete with 3G and I've already downloaded my first book for it - "Hard-Boiled Wonderland & The End of The World" by Haruki Murakami. He's a fantastic storyteller, so if you're into reading I highly recommend you read his books, in particular "Norwegian Wood" (which incidently I happened to get the DVD of today). I was also lucky enough to receive Rihanna's perfume "Reb'l Fleur", which is a lovely, sweet, girly scent that I've wanted for a while. On top of that I also got Lacoste's "Touch of Pink", along with much, much more!

I know I've been off of the blogging game for a week or so but I've been so tied down with work. Anyone who works in retail can vouch how much Christmas physically drains you. I should hopefully get back into routine once I'm back in Southampton tomorrow. Merry Christmas, my lovelies! I hope you've all had a wonderful day and stuffed yourself silly!

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  1. Ah yes, I have no realised that the holiday season seriously sucks for retail workers! aah, noo time dude. That tree is awesome, I didn't even have a christmas tree this year and didn't get any presents :( oh well.


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