OOTD: Dancing With Wolves

27 December, 2011

T-Shirt: Vintage via Glastonbury Festival, Cardigan: Vintage via Beatnik Emporium, Earrings & Necklace: Topshop

I'm already back in Southampton and I'm here completely by myself at Christmas time due to having to go to work. I honestly had the worst day in a long time yesterday too as my journey back was a complete nightmare! My local tube station was closed because of the strike, so I had to take a bus into central and jump onto one of the few trains that were running to Victoria Coach Station. It took 3 hours compared to the usual 35 minutes on the train which is ridiculous! I was then unlucky enough to witness a horrific motorcycle accident on the motorway. I've never been face to face with something like that before and it really did get to me. It was ever so tragic and sad. Because of the accident, my coach was delayed and I had to literally go straight from the coach to work. Happy Boxing Day to me!

Today has been a little better though, thankfully! I asked for some overtime at work because it felt pointless me going through all of that hassle to get back to Southampton and leave my family at Christmas time for what ended up being a 3 hour shift. My outfit is pretty simple today. The t-shirt was only like £5 or something silly! My hair is just awful at the moment, hence the reason why it's in a top knot. The winter winds are taking their toll on it :(


  1. Same wind gets my hair so knotty and I just end up shoving it in a bun :/ Really love your necklace

    It would be mine

  2. Love the tee and obviously the cardigan! :) Hope you're okay x x

  3. Absolutely adore your cardigan, new follower :) x


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