OOTD: Hunting For Witches

28 December, 2011

Crop Top: Vintage via eBay, Maxi Sheer Maxi Skirt: Republic, Wedges: H&M

This is the first time I've worn this skirt since I bought it in the end of summer sale (not that it's very summery!), and embarrassingly I realised at work I had left the label on! I'm not usually one to shop in Republic but when I saw this on the website for only £10 I couldn't leave it! I had been looking for an affordable sheer black maxi for a while.

This antique lace gold crop top was only 99p! I love little eBay bargains like this, especially as I get so much wear out of it. I'm wearing my brand new wedges yet again! They're more like platforms as the wedge is so small, which makes them extremely comfortable. They're currently filling the creeper shaped hole in my heart at the moment, as the creepers I received for Christmas are tragically too big for me. I'm waiting on my boyfriend to exchange them for me so I can begin wearing them.

With New Year fast approaching, I've been thinking about what to wear and more importanly some realistic New Year's Resolutions. I only kept a couple of this year's including maintaining a size 8, keeping away from doner kebabs and visiting Italy. Not too bad, I suppose!


  1. i like this black maxi skirt! very nice.
    i like this outfit, however i am not sure wether i would wear it with the wedges or with some kick ass sandals.
    nice outfit.

  2. Are those the crazily high ones in H&M with the major platforms? They're incredible :)
    Visiting Italy is a very good resolution, I think I'll put that on my list!
    It would be mine

  3. I'm still so jealous that you have those shoes! I haven't even thought about New Years resolutions yet! Shall we all write our lists on NYE when pre-drinking? That could be fun :D Also I haven't decided what I'm wearing yet but as I didn't find anything in the sale today...unless I miraculously find something in a charity shop in Tavistock tomorrow then I'll have to wear something old!! :'( I'm thinking MAYBE this: http://lookbook.nu/look/2735835-Black-Swan ...but I really wan to take it up a few inches but I'm not sure if I trust myself!! 0_o Also it's at home and I'm back on NYE so would have limited time to alter it aaaah! What are you wearing?? x x

  4. Love the ebay bargain! I have an itch to buy some creepers, maybe snidey ones first mind. I've seen some OOTD posts knocking around where girls make them look soo goood! Would love to see a post up when you wear them hon!


  5. I found your blog a few days ago and keep meaning to comment - I love all of your outfit posts, I think you have really great style! That top is great, and for 99p, what a bargain!

    Mona x


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