OOTD: Winter Fox

29 December, 2011

Fox Jumper: Alice Takes A Trip, Dress (worn underneath): Crafted

Today hasn't been eventful in the slightest. It's been my first day off of work in a long while (unless you include Christmas day), so I decided to chill the hell out and tidy around the flat a little bit. I've eaten tons of chocolate instead of real food today too, simply because I've been too lazy to actually make anything remotely edible. But who cares?! It's December/eat-whatever-like-and-regret-it-next-month! Because of my intention of not leaving the house and making contact with the rest of the human race today, I didn't really think about what I wore.

The adorable fox jumper was a present from Elliot last Christmas. I have to admit although it is the sweetest thing, I don't wear it that much because the print on it is such awful quality! You can tell it's simply been done with a inkjet t-shirt transfer, which you can probably buy in Poundland! I know from past experience in DIY-ing t-shirts myself that after one wash they are ruined and start peeling off. So, although this jumper is ever so sweet I hardly wear it for fear of having to wash it. Febreeze might be a winner with this one!

I didn't get to take a photograph of the dress I'm wearing underneath as my boyfriend returned to Southampton earlier than I expected, so I spent some time catching up with him as I hadn't seen him since Christmas Eve morning! However, already he's left me again and ran off to work! Tsssk!


  1. I am really into those shirt dresses.
    Nice layering.

  2. Your jumper is so cute! Love how you wore it in this outfit :)

  3. what an adorable sweater...soo cute......xxx


  4. awww♥
    what is inspiring you to wear those nice garments every time???
    love your style:))!!!!
    happy holiday xxxx

  5. Eee, the sweater is too cute for words, AND matches your blog title! ^^

  6. Awww I love that sweater, such a shame about the quality it saying this it looooks amazing in the pics!! amazing outfit my dear xxx

  7. Lovely new header! I need to work on a new one for myself sometime...for now though I've just shoved my facebook page image up...does it look okay!? x x


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