Urban Outfitters Wishlist

05 December, 2011

Urban Renewal Denim Shirt: £28, Ecote Fur Collar Geo Pattern Coat: £110, Minkpink Tail 'Em Up Long Shirt: £60 Vintage Re-made Burgundy 501 Over Dyed Shorts: £30, Cooperative Chiffon Beaded Shirt: £45, Kimchi & Blue Velvet Holiday Playsuit: £52, Deer Collage Canvas: £28, Leopard Leather Satchel: £140

Working in Urban Outfitters can certainly be torturous at times. I am surrounded by hours on end by beautiful clothes and accessories and I've been compiling a wishlist in my head whilst I'm working. Being a vintage lover, my particular soft spot is for the 'Urban Renewal' section in where they have created reworked vintage garments in all sorts of patterns and colours. I've clocked a pair of burgundy dyed Levi's cut-offs (above) that I plan to snap up on payday. Their 'Renewal' denim shirts are also beautiful.

I've had my eye on the asymmetric Minkpink top for a quite a while so I will definitely be purchasing this once I'm in the money after Christmas! I unpacked the Aztec Coat today and instantly fell in love withlist. It's pretty steep in price but I can promise you it is completely worth every penny. The colours are lovely and muted, so it's not too 'in your face'. It is pretty much the same as my favourite Topshop tweed fur collar coat but a different pattern!

I've only just seen the leopard print satchel on the website and I am well and truly in love! If anyone is feeling especially kind this Christmas please take note! The canvas is such a great price and is ever so cute. I'm in need of some wall art as the walls in our flat are still pretty much a blank canvas.


  1. Love so many of these items! <3

    Ellen xx

  2. I pretty much want everything in Urban Outfitters! :/ xx

  3. Your wishlist is wonderful! I think my favourite item is the pretty canvas print... it would look lovely in my room!
    Your blog is so lovely {the background is gorgeous!}. Would you like to follow eachother?

  4. Haha that's the thing about working in a clothes shop - you end up spending all your wages on the clothes! I used to work in Next, which isn't even somewhere I'd normally shop, but I'd still manage to find things I wanted! If I worked in Urban Outfitters I'd end up with no money at all!

    Love the beaded chiffon shirt and the aztec coat - so gorgeous! x

  5. I love that playsuit and the fur trim cardigan, lush x

  6. Adore that minkpink shirt. So lovely. It must be so hard to see all the stuff & people buying it but not be able to. I always hesitate to buy books at work because everyone analyses exactly what you buy...

  7. I'm in love with the polka dot shirt x

  8. I was in Urban Outfitters the other day and spotted that coat, it is gorgeous and really stands out! Love the blouse too. x

  9. omgggg love your style


  10. they always provide the best clothes! x

  11. I would second all of these, amazing selection beaut xxx


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