Vintage Haul #2

04 December, 2011

Black Velvet Shirt: £5.50, Black Floral Blouse: £5, Cream Lace Shirt: £3.49, Red Velvet Top: £3.49, Glitter Top: £3.49, Green Velvet Midi Dress: £6, Red Velvet Maxi Dress: £10.99, Tapestry Bag: £6

I apologise for the heavy image post, but I'm trying to get through my vintage hauls that have been building up for months steadily. I've been hitting charity shops alot more this year because of my student budget and you can find some beautiful vintage gems at the fraction of the price they sell them in the shops. You may or may not know of my love affair with velvet and I've had such luck with discovering so many beautiful velvet garments, like the ones above.

I've actually had the bag forever now, but I completely forgot I had bought it and rediscovered it still with the tag attached at the bottom of my wardrobe the other day. It's such a perfect size!

The more observant of you may have realised that this blog has had a little make-over with a new header, background and now a button to add to your blog on the right hand side if you're feeling kind.


  1. Everything's lovely! I have a bit of a thing for velvet at the moment :) Proof charity shops are not to be sneered at!

  2. Fantastic items!

  3. LOVE the white lace shirt! It looks great on you :)

    follow me :)


  4. So many nice things here, love the velvet n lace and the tights look amazing with the leather skirt xxx


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