The Best Chelsea Boots So Far

10 January, 2012

Detail Black Chelsea Boot, £15, Primark

I've struggled to find a Chelsea boot on the high street that I actually like or feel is worth the money. A few weeks ago with I purchased the £36 Topshop Chelsea Boots without even thinking as there was only a couple of pairs left, but after much contemplation I returned them. They don't have much of a sole on them at all, and I was planning to get a lot of daily wear from them and it was obvious they would wear through in no time. Topshop sell another pair, which look a little better but they're almost double the price and I wasn't willing to pay so much for them. I had been searching through charity and vintage shops high and low for a better quality pair at a lower price, but never had much luck at all.

It seemed like a lost cause and I was chasing a pair of boots I was never going to find. However, it always seems whenever you stop looking you seem to stumble across what you were looking for in the first place. This was the case for me. I don't really shop at Primark anymore other than for the essential pyjamas and black tights, but I usually cut through there on my way back from uni because it's quicker. On passing through, I spotted these lovely black, scallop-detailled Chelsea boots WITH A SOLE! I know a lot of people are skeptical about Primark's quality but I had an £8 pair of brogues from there, which I wore almost on a daily basis to work and they lasted me well over a year. I think I threw them out even though they were still in usable condition, so my opinion on Primark shoes are somewhat heightened. They look so much more expensive the Topshop version, and they're under half the price! The scallop detail, which reflects that of a brogue makes them an little more individual compared to the other Chelsea boots around at the moment. Also, I've found a problem with alot of Chelsea boots being too rounded at the toe making them look like a little too much orthopedic shoes for my liking! I grabbed them instantly as I have a feeling they're going to be a sell-out. Also, if you're planning to buy these I'd advise to go a size down from your usual as they come up a little big.


  1. I honestly wouldn't have guessed these were from Primark! I'm glad they've finally learned not to make all of their footwear with a rounded toe, these look nicely pointed! xx

  2. I feel the same about Chelsea boots. I bought the ones from topshop but they had the round toe and looked just like black trainers when I wore then so returned! The detail on the front of these is fab!! Such a find!!

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  4. I agree - soles are essential. I tried on a pair from Peacocks, and honestly, I could have been barefoot. And the detailing on these makes them more interesting than the standard chelsea boot too
    It would be mine

  5. I keep seeing these and I want them but I'm not totally sure about them! I bet when I make my mind up they won't be in my size x


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