January Wishlist

13 January, 2012

It's my birthday a week today and I honestly have no idea what to ask for, everything I do happen to want is ridiculously expensive (hence the reason why I don't have it) and nothing else is taking my fancy. As it's my 21st I feel like I should ask for something special like a piece of jewellery maybe, but I cannot find anything I actually want. Evil Twin are pretty much snaking their way up the ladder next to AllSaints in becoming my favourite brand. The cut-out, brown snakeskin dress by them absolutely belongs in my wardrobe! I want to invest in a cut-out dress because I'm hoping to get my ribcage tattooed soon, so this would also be a lovely way to show that off. I'm struggling to part with the £110 to pay for it though, as it is rather a lot of money on a student budget for one dress.

My gold Doc Martens are lonely and are in need of companionship, but I'm torn between the cherry red velvet ones and the matte black. The velvet ones are absolutely beautiful, but the black ones are far more practical (especially compared to my gold ones), or maybe I should just eventually get both pairs?! I have been wanting and wanting a Burberry trench literally since I was at the start of secondary school. I cam across this leather-sleeved one under their Burberry London range and I am completely besotted with it. It's maybe to practical in the long term compared the classic camel trench but oh boy, is it beautiful!

I put down a Mulberry Alexa satchel and an Alexander Wang Diego bag simply because I'm greedy! I was hoping to buy a DSLR with my bursary this month, but unfortunately due to unforseen circumstances I have to move out next year and I have to put down a pretty hefty deposit on a house for next year, which would have been my money for my new camera, so for now it remains on my wishlist.

I know everyone and their mother, but me has these studded shoes and I do love them. They could almost be mistaken for a Christopher Kane design only if everyone didn't know about them already! I absolutely fell in love with this cuff when I saw it on Vicky's blog. It's ever so striking and such a reasonable price. I'm hoping this one turns up on my birthday ;)


  1. i know this problem, I also think that is better to get something nice which is gonna last forever than buying cheap stuff. it's kind of annoying not to be able to buy everything you want, or at least part of it... my wishlist is huge...
    the burberry is indeed gorgeous!


  2. I love everything but what I love the most is the velvet Martens and the ASOS dress and of course the cameraaa!!!

  3. I adore the mulberry alexa, I've wanted it for so long! xx

  4. The vectras & a canon camera are on my wishlist too, & I love the velvet docs!


  5. i love that coat, it's gorgeous!


  6. Ask for those red velvet docs, obviously!!!! I was looking at that Vintage tea party book for you for Christmas haha...but I didn't think it was very practical inside...like it's unlikely you ever would have used it sort of thing so I didn't get it x x

  7. Wow.. so many nice things on your list! I love the two tone trench coat, that brown dress and the docs!

  8. Ohhh I want all of these, especially the docs... I am obsessed with Titanium Geode!! xxx

  9. i absolutely love the Burberry trench and the dress is gorgeous too....ah i wish i wasn't skint :( x

  10. This is such a perfect wishlist - that titanium cuff is too gorgeous. Love your blog and the header is so cute!



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