OOTD: New Creepers

16 January, 2012

Shirt: Vintage, Beatnik Emporium, £10, Dress: Blonde & Blonde, £20, Creepers: Underground, £90

Sadly, the creepers I got for Christmas from my boyfriend were way too big for me, so I've been waiting and waiting on an exchange. This morning they finally arrived! They're still strangely a little big (size 4), but I think that's just because Underground creepers were originally designed for men. I specifically asked for the Camaro 2" sole, as the chunkier the better in my opinion! I know creepers are a love/hate thing, but I for one absolutely adore them (especially when teamed with a big, faux fur coat!). I've teamed them today with this pretty black floral dress, which I bought from where I used to work and I've thrown this vintage lumberjack shirt over the top to dress it down a little. Although there's a bit of a print clash, I think the feminine and masculine prints compliment each other nicely.

All my deadlines are at the end of this week, so I may not be able to post again for while because as per usual I leave everything until the last minute. I find I'm someone that works a little better under pressure (who am I kidding?). Because of this I'm not entirely sure if I'll be posting again until the end of the week after my 21st birthday (eeeeeee!). So I apologise for that in advance!


  1. that's a great place for a photo! The creepers look amazing, wish I could pull them off! Good luck with your assignments and have an amazing 21st! xx

  2. loveee them! so cute with that outfit. I got a size 4 and mine are a little big too..I definitely don't have size 3 feet haha! x

  3. I loveeee creepers! I don't have any (yet) but they would look so good with a fur coat I agree!
    All my deadlines are this week too unfortunately :( I always leave then last minute I'm useless


  4. Hello again madame, the long blazer is from H&M. I got mine maybe about a year ago but they do get similar styles in all the time! xx

    1. Ooh thank you! I'll keep any eye out for one! xx

  5. Lovely as ever sweet!! Creepers are amazing fact haha... Have a fabulous 21st lady xxx

  6. Creepers are so freaking awesome, I like my JC creeper like shoes, because they're pretty much like creepers but a lot higher, which is good for my very short height. Hope you have a great 21st!

  7. Great outfit. Love the dress and creepers.


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  8. I love this outfit. Creepers seems to have become a love hate thing, I love them!

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  9. I love the whole atmoshere with this look! It's amazing!

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