OOTD: Feeling Blue

07 February, 2012


This dress isn't something I would usually wear, but something drew me to try it on when I saw it at work. I'm pleased I did because it fits really well & the shape is ever so flattering for some one with a massive hip problem area like me. I bought these shoes some time ago last year and I haven't worn them out as of yet, because I found them uncomfortable. However, wearing them now I have no idea what I was thinking because they are completely comfortable. Maybe I have just pushed my feet through extreme pain in recent months that they can now tolerate almost anything!

I've also been awarded some blogger awards from the lovely Sheri and several others in the past. However, I've never got around to participating in them, so I'll tell you several facts about myself now.

1.) I have an irrational fear of stickers, particularly dirty ones with fluff all stuck on the back of them. Ugh.
2.)My first word as a baby was the name of my first pet dog, King.
3.) I'm not a natural redhead. I've had people actually tell me I'm lying when I admit I dye my hair ginger, they seem to believe just because I have freckles I must be naturally ginger.
4.) I have a scar on the centre of my forehead from when I had stitches when I was 3 years old. I like to call it my 'Harry Potter scar'.
5.) When I was younger I was intent on being a vet, then a marine biologist, then an author, then a music video director and now I'm studying a degree that just teaches me how to draw pretty pictures.

You're supposed to pass the award on to several other bloggers, but I know all of the bloggers I would choose have already been nominated for these awards because they are just simply that wonderful! Also, thank you for your opinions on my previous post. It looks like I will be dying my hair pink (exciting!), but I've decided I do not trust myself to lighten my hair so I'm going to have to let a salon do the job!


  1. That dress suits you perfectly, love it with the tan belt. Genuinely can't wait to see the pink hair, I'm pretty jealous I have to say! xx

  2. that dress is gorgeous!


  3. I really love the dress & shoes, such a erfect outfit! xx

  4. Honestly massive hip problem area! where? I love the print and I think blue really suits you maybe because it goes so well with the colour of your hair :)


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