OOTD: A Splash of Colour

25 February, 2012

Sheer, leather panel shirt: New Look, £18. Customised Levi's Shorts: The Ragged Priest @ Topshop, £40, Velvet Doc Marten's: eBay, £112.

If I'm entirely honest, I'm not the biggest fan of this outfit - I don't even know why I'm posting it. These shorts make me look quite the chubster, but I'm keeping myself in some sort of denial because they're so wonderful (unfortunately not so much on me). I really don't have the legs or bum to pull off short shorts. Damn those child-bearing hips of mine! The rainbow belt and peacock feathers are actually stitched onto the shorts themselves, which fooled a lot of people today. I'm not entirely sure how the peacock feathers are still hanging on, as I wore them throughout Glastonbury Festival last year. However, saying that the feathers are looking a little worse for wear to say the least!

I had a bit of luck today when I saw this beautiful bag in our accessories stock room. It was priced up at £138, but I decided to price check it anyway just in case. My heart nearly stopped when it rang up at only £20, so with my staff discount it only worked out to £15! It's real leather and a perfect size to shove all of my daily crap in.


  1. Those shorts are amazing!! They look great on you too!!xx

  2. Sush, these shorts look incredible on you! In love with your blouse <3

  3. The shorts are fabulous, I love how the little pop of colour adds so much to the whole look <3

  4. you don't look chubby!! far from it. No way about the bag, that is amazing!!!!! If you come across a second let me know haha xxx

  5. Love this look...peacock feathers are fab :)

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  6. Love these shorts, so glad you bought them :) xx

  7. Love this outfit!
    I saw that you go to Winchester School of Art too, so do I! What do you do there?

    Kirsti xx

    1. Sorry just saw you said you do illustration! Ha! xx

  8. No idea why you don't love this outfit, it's amazing! That bag is such a find as well, its a beaut x


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