Week In Instagram #4

24 February, 2012

1. Going to miss living here next year, 2. Sharing the view with pigeon, 3. A wonderful tea Toni introduced me to, 4. Raspberry & Strawberry tea in a tea cup, 5. My mermaid shoes & socks combo, 6. Mermaid shoes again, 7. Elliot & me at Lennons, 8. Toni & Elliot at Lennons, 9. Empty Buddha-shaped beer bottles, 10. Make-up for a night out, 11. Sweet cherry pie, 12. Outfit details, 13. Make-up for London, 14. Stables Market in Camden, 15. Tea cup land, 16. Memories of being 15 year old, 17. Alabama Shakes gig @ the Boston Arms, 18. Sabrina the Teenage Witch Season One

I think the photos pretty much do all of the talking in these kinds of posts. Not much has happened other than me drinking too much, not sleeping enough, going to London and watching Sabrina back-to-back. Although, I would like to point out I have been weeping tears of joy at the choice of fashion in the first season of Sabrina. Velvet is pretty much everywhere you look! Wishing I was a teenage witch with a talking cat right now.


  1. I was looking at those cherry pies the other day, are they nice? I love your shoes.x

  2. All that china is amazing! I think I'd be too scared to look at any of it incase it all came crashing down! I love your shoes, too.

    Catherine, XO.

  3. The first two pictures are beautiful! x

  4. Your shoes are amazing - and I love the socks combo! Where did you get your wedges from again?

    I saw you in Urban Outfitters today, but I was so nervous to come up and talk to you (like a celeb!) That sounds so odd, I promise it was by pure accident haha!

    Hope you can check out my blog sometime!

    O xxxx


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