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01 February, 2012

Glittery Block Heel Shoes from Topshop website reduced to £30 from £100 in the sale, Equally fabulous glitter platforms from UO, 3am curry in a sit-down restaurant after my birthday night out, New spiked JC Lita's, Toffee - my non-human best friend, 2 week chest infection nearly killed me, Birthday roses from my beautiful friend Dessy, DIY acid pink jacket, I am currently obsessed with Dakota & Elle Fanning, Dude - my other non-human best friend, My future weddin dress at AllSaints, My friends know how to make me feel special ♥ , A booby book I found in a charity shop & JC Lita box.

Last week was my 21st birthday and unfortunately I came down with the deadliest chest infection, which hindered my celebrations. However, that didn't stop me spending far more money than I actually have to my name, but you only get to use the 'its my birthday week' excuse once a year! As you may be able tell from the Instagram photos, I upgraded from Blackberry to iPhone. It was the best move I've ever made! I honestly don't know how I ever lived without it beforehand! I was also desperate for a pair of glittery shoes to wear out for my birthday, so I ordered the Topshop pair but in fear of them not arriving in time I also picked up the UO platforms, just in case. The Topshop pair did thankfully arrive on the day, BUT I've decided to keep the platforms because they're so fabulous and were reasonably cheap with my staff discount. I also visited home, which was lovely as the last time I was home was Christmas day! I'm ever so close to my mum and I miss her something terribly whilst I'm in Southampton, so it was amazing to spend some time with her. We went to the new Stratford Westfield, as that is now our local shopping centre and I chanced across spiked JC Lita's in the Office there. There were only two pairs left, one of them being in a size 4, so I accepted fate and bought them with my birthday money. Thank you, Mummy ♥

I've recently developed a shoe addiction and I've bought 5 pairs in the past 2 weeks! I never used to be a 'shoe girl', but instead used to be more addicted to buying dresses. Oh, how I have changed! I have now put myself on a 'shoe ban' until I sell or chuck out some more, because I simply do not have enough room. Also, whilst at Westfield I tried on the AllSaints Allegra Maxi, which I have been besotted with ever since I saw Ameila Lily wearing it on X-Factor. It was only £150 from £500 in the sale, but sadly I would never have any occasion to wear it. I almost convinced myself it would be my future wedding dress and therefore a future investment, if only it were socially acceptable to wear black!

I also did some DIY on a vintage Levi's denim jacket I picked up for £1 (see a few posts below) and dyed it acid pink. It should look awesome over a black dress, black tights and creepers. My chest infection is finally improving after two trips to the doctor's, a blood test and a course of antibiotics later. I've mainly been feeling sorry for myself in my pyjamas, hence the lack of outfit posts. As I'm on the mend, I should be able to get back into routine soon, I promise!


  1. Aw no! I'm so sorry to hear about the chest infection, that's horrible! I love what you did to your jacket! That's sooo bizarre because I'm actually planning to try and do the same to one of my denim jackets! But I'm thinking light pink and darker pink.. with maybe some purple. Not sure yet, but your d.i.y will definitely help because I've never bleached clothing, thanks!

  2. all of those shoes are amazing! especially loving the first pair what a bargaaain!
    - em x

  3. That's so awful, probably the worst timing ever for a chest infection! Hope you're feeling better soon xx

    shoes are all beauts by the way! xx

  4. Hope you feel better soon :(.. on a positive note the SHOES <3

  5. Those JC shoes made me droool!
    Hope you feel better soon


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