'Pick Me Up' Contemporary Graphic Art Fair at Somerset House

22 March, 2012

Pick Me Up Contemporary Graphic Art Fair at Somerset House (22 March - 1 April 2012)

This is a rather picture heavy post even though it's only a small selection of the photos I took today at Somerset House. This is the second year I've attended 'Pick Me Up', which happens to be the UK's only art fair specifically dedicated to illustration and graphic arts. Being the model art student that I so obviously am (note the sarcasm), I spent the last of my pennies this month making sure I went. It was of course worth every last penny (even though it was only £6 entry with a student ID) and is hugely inspiring for any practicing illustrator or graphic artist. As well as the show itself, they hold talks and workshops with the exhibiting illustrators for you to participate in.

My absolute favourite was the work of Niki Pilkington with her whimsical pencil drawings of beautiful girls and nature with 3-D elements, in particular the fox piece caught my attention (second photo down). Much to my delight there were foxes absolutely everywhere this year including a fox costume created by Luke Best, so I was simply in my element! The visit has certainly inspired me to get going with my latest project!


  1. This looks so good! Wish i lived in london to go to it. x

  2. Oh I looks fab! Is the sort of thing I will love to see :) Going to this sort of things really inspire you! See other peoples work :)

  3. Oh wow everything looks to perfect! so much inspiration.. I wish i had known about this event! looks like you had a lovely day though :)


  4. This look amazing! I need to go there asap. Loving it. x


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