A Week In Instagram #5

02 March, 2012

1. Hershey's chocolate left over from Valentine's Day // 2. £138 price tag & I only paid £15! // 3. Beautiful new bargain bag // 4. Leopard denim mini from the Miss Selfridge sale // 5. Busting out the golden oldies // 6. Favourite new lipstick (Topshop's "All About Me") // 7. Chaos in Primark // 8. My favourite jeans from Topshop // 9. The dress that dreams are made of // 10. Sabrina is a girl after my own heart with her love of velvet // 11. Salem is a boss // 12. Strawberry breakfast // 13. New £1.50 necklace from Topshop // 14. Gothing it up for work // 15. Print of my new vintage dress // 16. Lovely feta salad for lunch // 17. New skirt & art card from Victoria's giveaway // 18. 1970's vintage dress

I'm having to put this on a scheduled post because I literally have a mountain of uni work to be getting on with. An actual mountain! The day of March 13th will be a wondrous day when I can finally hand-in and take a well-deserved break! My spending ban was most well and truly broken this week. Working in fashion retail and not be able to buy anything is physically painful for me. Also, I live so close to the high street that I have to pass through it pretty much every single day. I really need to get on the eBay game this weekend to make up for my spending this week! Then again everything I have bought this week has been so dirt cheap, it's almost impossible to say no!

I've also started eating a little healthier this week in the hope of clearer skin and to shed a few pounds along the way. I can never diet properly, I just do not have the willpower because I love food too much! I've even been swapping meat for Quorn, which is actually pretty good! I'm going to treat myself to a spaghetti cabonara (my favourite!) tonight though, because my boyfriend's coming back tonight after visiting home for a few days! It's also his birthday next week & I have absolutely no idea what to buy him. Men are so difficult. Answers on a postcard, please!


  1. I want your shoes.And You've really made me want to watch Sabrina the teenage witch! I hope you bought the black dress too, cause you look right fit you do! AMAZING.
    also men are difficult full stop.xx

  2. I love Sabrina! Good luck with hand ins. X

  3. Oh i love sabrina! Haven't watched it for years! That bag is amazing also! x

  4. This looks like an amazing week, especially is Sabrina was involved!

  5. I love the leopard print skirt, & your new dress! & that you're watching Sabrina!

    Catherine, XO.

  6. Ooo I hope you bought that dress it looks fab on you! ;) x

  7. Great pics!



  8. Aaah, I know exactly what you mean, I can't diet to save my life. Having a boyfriend is especially bad for that, he always tempts me with chocolate and chips and loads of other good stuff. uuugh. That black dress you're wearing in one of the photos looks stunning!

  9. I've got tons of uni work also (though we still have "holidays" and our next semester is officially starting on 7th of March next week), I feel for you!

    I want your bargain baaag, please :)

  10. I'm glad you liked the skirt :) I buying for man is not as fun as buying for women, I also never know what to get. x

  11. love instagram ! great blog !

  12. So pretty! Love, love, love everything here! You've amazing sense of style!

    PS. We've a Giveaway to Number A on our blog! Check it out! :)

    ox from NYC!


  13. jajajajja.... long time since I watch Sabrina... good memories! I like your blog...!!!



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