Week In Instagram #7

23 March, 2012

1. My attempt at Kate & Pete on 'Draw Something', 2. Acid wash nails, 3. Face, 4. Ring pile up, 5. Feeling sick on the coach back to London, 6. Pretty coloured London house, 7. Dude chilling, 8. Sleepy puppies after a long forest walk, 9. Dude just generally looking like a boss, 10. Rediscovered an old Pokemon tee, 11. Dude using my feet as a head rest, 12. My free soya latte, 13. 'Pick Me Up' at Somerset House, 14. Garden at Somerset House, 15. Vintage Dior thanks to Urban Outfitters, 16. My wages going straight back to where I work, 17. Left these beautiful shoes behind, 18. Lemons cupcakes made by my mum, 19. Vintage tropical print blouse, 20. Fox ornament for my current project, 21. My favourite print at 'Pick Me Up' - collage, foxes & fashion.

This week has mainly been about chilling the hell out after a stressful two final weeks at uni before breaking up for Easter. I've been at home in Essex the majority of the time, which has been wonderful because the last time I was back was two months ago! For that reason there is quite a few photos of my dogs, especially Dude who happens to be stealing all the limelight away from Toffee! The bugger! I'm dreading having to go back down South tonight, because I adore living in Essex & London in comparison to Southampton.

Also, as you may have seen I blogged about visiting 'Pick Me Up' at Somerset House yesterday with my lovely friend, Soozy, before headed to Oxford Street for some poor man's window shopping! I did however pick up an astonishingly cheap vintage Dior silk shirt from UO, which worked out to about £15 with my staff discount. I can't wait to wear it! I suffered absolute heartbreak when I had to let go of the pastel lilac creepers in my size, because of being so poor. Boo hoo! I hope you're all enjoying the sunshine - this is most definitely strawberry cider weather!


  1. Haha, I love your Pete & Kate picture, draw something is so addictive! Such pretty dogs, too. XO.

  2. love your rings! great pictures!


  3. Great photos!



  4. Oh I love theses! I need to get instagram! Will change my blackberry for Iphone hopefully next month :)

  5. Love all your rings :) spesh the big cross one X


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