A Week (Or Two) In Instagram #6

16 March, 2012

1. My artwork in my living room. 2. My dresser. 3. One Direction wrapping for my boyfriend's birthday present - I think I appreciated it more than him! 4. New granny plates for me! 5. I finished "Catching Fire". 6. Nail polishes from Lily's giveaway. 7. Getting blonder. 8. Went to see Laura Marling at Southampton Guildhall. 9. Amazing lights at Laura Marling.

I haven't been particularly snap happy the past couple of weeks, because I've been far too busy. However, Easter is finally here and I can enjoy a nice four weeks break from university. Of course, I still have tons of work to be getting on with but the fact I do not have to wake up early to drag myself to Winchester three days a week is lovely. I can wake up whenever I want and work according to my own schedule.

I have nothing to report other than I finished the second installment of "The Hunger Games" and I'm now approaching the end of the third and final book! I haven't been hooked on a book like this for so long! The last time I was this attached to a book that blew me away was probably "The Time Traveler's Wife" in where I nearly had a public emotional breakdown whilst reading the ending on a train! Oh God, the memories! I will most definitely be going to see the film on it's release (or maybe even advance screenings as I'm that eager!) next week.


  1. love your pics!


  2. Nice photos. I read hunger games too and loved it!! x

  3. WOAH MAN I LOVE YOUR NEW BACKGROUND. It reminds me of my nan. But in a good way OF COURSE!!
    LOLZ at the wrapping paper.. bet the boyfriend was DEAD CHUFFED i'm assuming?!!
    Also I wanna come on over and eat from your granny plates, they look amazing.x

  4. Best wrapping paper ever haha, I shamelessly asked my parents/sister to use that for my 21st presents but alas, I had normal aged people paper ): Your hair's looking ever so lovely Leigh! xx

  5. I love the fox painting, & your new little plates are so sweet!

    Catherine, XO.


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