Weekend Wishlist: Urban Outfitters

17 March, 2012

1., 2., 3. & 4.

We've had a flood of beautiful, new summer clothes at work the past few weeks and I cannot contain myself. I really am like a kid in a sweet shop! This is only a tiny fraction of what I'm coveting though! The digital print and colours of dress number 1 are to die for! Something Else are a brand I've only discovered recently since starting work at Urban Outfitters and their pieces are ever so dreamy (as well as pricey!). As you may have noticed, I've been getting into the maxi trend a lot more recently and this blue & green maxi dress (2) would be a perfect addition to my wardrobe for summer. Minkpink are another favourite brand of mine and never fail to let me down. This little fringed number (3) would look wonderful with some cut-off Levi's. Last but not least is the tie-dye midi (4) to add to my collection of tie-dye dresses!

Unfortunately, I'll just have to carry on lusting after these bits as I haven't even got two pennies to rub together at the moment! Hopefully some miraculous turn of events, such as winning the lottery or finding a money tree, will change that soon!


  1. Yep these are really cool, love the first dress well actually the 3 are amazing!x

  2. love the shorts and that last dress!


  3. Ahh! I was in a UO today and the new summer stuff is overwhelmingly beautiful! I especially love dress #4 here, and the shoes in outfit #1 are amaze! Do you know if they are available in store? xx


  4. Ohhhh I love the first dress! As with most of my UO purchases, I will have to wait for the sale though x

  5. Love the dress, really nice blog, newest follower :)x


  6. Just discovered your blog... and I like what I see! That black fringed top is amazing...

    Wanna follow back? =)

    xx http://lestage2012.blogspot.fr/


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