High Street Haul

17 April, 2012

Mint & Pink Crops: £8 each // Ankle Socks: 3 for £8 // Cross Necklace: £4

I decided it was about time I introduced some soft summery colours into my wardrobe. I usually opt for black or darker colours as I'm not overly girly. In fact, I'm a pretty crap woman all together considering I can't iron, am useless with beauty products and certainly cannot cook! I think my clothing choice has always reflected I'm not particularly very ladylike. However, I've been absorbed by the pastel trend in recent weeks, even though in the beginning I was convinced it would not suit me. Although I certainly shan't be going all out pastel and making myself looking like a Drumstick lollipop, but I've decided to incorporate it somehow into my outfits to make them a little more summery. These cute little crop tops seemed like the perfect way to do this! I'm obsessed by crop tops even though I really HAVE NOT got the stomach for them, but I WILL HAVE! I'm planning to order the deadly "30 Day Shred" although I'm far too scared/lazy, so I keep making excuses to put off ordering it. As you may have noticed I've been wearing ankle socks a lot recently and these ones were too cute to resist. I have a feeling I may look like a 5 year old school girl in them though.

River Island

Patterned Tunic: £20 // Cream Dress: £15 // Leopard Midi: £15

I first saw the tunic on Charlene's blog and I absolutely fell in love with it. It's an either you love it or hate it kind of garment, but I absolutely love it. Needless to say my boyfriend detests it! It's actually meant as a beachwear cover up, but it looks ever so cute as a dress. Unfortunately it doesn't look like I'll be visiting any beaches this year, so I'll only be using it as a dress! The leopard dress is completely out of my comfort zone and is something I would NEVER, EVER usually pick. I've become such a fan of midi's though that I had to try it on and the colour doesn't actually look too horrifying on me. It's a little baggy as it's a size 10 and I'm always an 8 in River Island, but it looks a little more flattering just that bit oversized. I'm contemplating returning it though because I'm not 100% on it. I think I was just caught in the heat of the moment of the sale! You may have seen me post an Instagram picture of the cream dress when I tried it on and regrettably left it behind. Luckily when I went back it was still there so I snapped it up!

Urban Outfitters

Sandals: £18 (w/ staff discount) // Vintage Vest: £10 (w/ staff discount)

I think the vintage Harley vest is my favourite of the haul. It was from the men's vintage section at work and it's so long that I can wear it as a dress! I can never usually wear men's tees as dresses like I would like because I'm too tall, however this one has that bit of extra length so my bottom is sufficiently covered! The sandals are just basic black lace-ups that should see me through the summer season.


Chiffon Mint Dress: £13

This dress instantly reminded me of a mermaid as soon as I saw it! It's probably a little too girly for me, but for £13 I took the risk. I'm yet to style it with anything, but I'm thinking I may teamed it with my studded denim jacket to tone down the girliness a little. Either that or splash some car oil up it and just constantly clutch a can of beer whilst wearing it... Whenever will I just accept I am just a girl and dressing like a lady occasionally is fine?!


  1. aaaw, everything is so lovely! u really know where to shop, haha. and i'm a tad jealous that u always find such cool stuff for these amazing prices, lucky u. my fave is the urban outfitters harley davidson-top! x

  2. Love the colour of that Primark dress. I should probably take a look at their summer stuff and also, those Topshop socks: love! I've seen them on others and they're so cute. :) x

  3. Oohhh hellopretty things! I love the topshop socks and that mint dress is purdyyy!x

  4. wow, I love absolutely everything! Your so lucky to work in Urban Outiftters! xx

  5. oww I love everything! I meant to get the river island tunic but never got round to going back for it..sooo pretty x

  6. I've got those tops from Topshop and they go with any bottoms! Thinking I may have to buy those socks now too, they are so cute!! And the Primark dress is so lovely!! Amazing buys, you make me want to go shopping! Haha!

    Kirsti xx

  7. Love what you purchased! Especially the Harley Davidson vest (:

  8. Loooveee everything here! That first River Island dress is especially amazing! I have some of those topshop frilly socks and I keep forgetting to wear them, must put them to the top of my sock drawer!

    Laila x

  9. great haul! I'm terrified of the pastels trend- you've given me some inspiration ;) Foxy xxx


  10. Great haul, I love it all, especially the primark dress and topshop socks :) xx

  11. I wanna go shopping...! Love everything you bought, that Tunic looked so nice on Charlene didn't it?! Cant wait to see it on!

    joanne from jimmilou.com

  12. ahhhh the vest is such a find!! I want to go shopping!!! ha xxx

  13. WOW everything you brought is amazing.. the River Island dresses were a real bargain!! love the River Island top, they have alot of great things in at the moment :)

    Josephine. xx

  14. I love those frilly socks & the cute scallop pattern dress! XO

  15. Everything you bought is beautiful! I love the pastel frilly socks xx

  16. I love your buys. And for such good prices too. The first picture of the crop tops and socks are soo cuute. Great blog.


  17. Some great pieces here! I've been lusting after that River Island Tunic for a little while now, its amazing! xx

  18. ooo normally i hate pastals but I love what you've picked from toposhop =]



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