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23 May, 2012

T-Shirt (cut into crop): Diesel via Dazed & Confused Magazine (old) // Dress: eBay, £2 // Belt: Dorothy Perkins, £15 // Sunglasses: Primark, 50p // Necklace: Topshop Sale, £1.50 // Sandals: Urban Outfitters (+ staff discount), £18 // Bracelets: Dixi, Junk & Disorderly & Market Stall

I'm not going to lie, I'm not coping too well with this heatwave! I only had a 5 hour shift at work today and I'm exhausted simply from the heat. I just want to curl up and sleep already! This Diesel crop was originally a t-shirt that came in an issue of Dazed & Confused years and years ago. I never really wear it anymore but I wanted to layer up this tie-dye dress a little bit rather than just throw a belt around the waist and this went perfectly!

The sunglasses were super cheap in the Primark sale over winter - 50p! I've got the same pair in black too which I featured in an outfit post a few months ago when the sun first started showing it's face. I'm in a pretty horrid mood today as I'm having one of those horrible days where I woke up bloated before I even ate anything this morning and all I've been eating is salads recently. How does that work?! So unfair. Back to pizza it is!


  1. Loving the underneathy dress! Amazing print, and the colour looks so gorge on you! Your sandals are so cute! xx


  2. Oh Leigh, with every outfit post you seem to get cooler and cooler. I love the tee and the dress teamed together.. You make it work. You're my inspiration for festivals (I need a platform person.. otherwise I'd be tottering to them in my virgin mary dresses and wedges!)
    I hope your day gets better beautiful lately. salads are pointless..stick to the pizzas! They make you happier!xx

  3. I LOVE THIS OUTFIT SO MUCH! And I can't believe your dress was so cheap you little bargain hunter. Also.. your legs = perfection in the first photo, I wanna steal them for myself.

    Ans I agree with Katy, stick to good old pizza xx

  4. That dress is beautiful and such a bargain, I love this whole outft! x

  5. Love this! The top looks amazing with the tie-dye dress! You always find THE most amazing bargains! xx

  6. I'm first time here and I totally fell into your blog. I'm already planing to do that galaxy print DIY!
    Love the dress you're wearing here and sunglasses are über cool!
    + Your illustrations are really nice! I reblogged the fox on tumblr (:

    Peace and love!

  7. Your style is so amazing! Love the way you've paired the crop top + the dress! Works so well :) X

  8. I want your wardrobe! Love the glasses, and the dress and how you've layered it. Lush!

    Laila x

  9. Love this! You looked so great today, was good to finally meet you btw :) I hope work went quick for you!

    Kirsti xx

  10. This outfit is perfect for this weather! The dress is so nice!xx

  11. You look amazing as always!
    Cannot believe that dress was £2 - bargain hunter!
    Hannah xo

  12. i adore your blog, following now stay in touch xx


  13. Hello tie dye my new friend! I love this on you!

  14. LOVE this look! You always look so cool, I am mega jealous!! Perfect little figure too!
    I'm getting back into belts at the moment and really want to get a nice fitted dress to pair one with!
    I'm the same in the heat - I get exhausted and feel asthough my whole body swells up! It's awful! xx

  15. Love those sunglasses! xx


  16. I would like to own the tie-dye dress, when you're sick of it send it my way! :p Love this outfit x

  17. absolutely in love with this outfit. the dress with the cropped tee on top is amazing! you look gorgeous lovelyyyyy xx

  18. This diesel top is a complete winner...I want one! And the tie die skirt...I need one of these in my life, I've got nothing tie die atm and needly to badly embrace the trend! Jealous of your outfit!!!

    Gemma x


  19. such a cool outfit!
    Your hair is soso cool.

  20. Ohhhh love this outfittt dear!!!

  21. this outfit is hot girly! love it.
    http://jaymieocallaghan.blogspot.co.uk/ x

  22. Ahh i love your style- this looks so effortless..the crop goes so well with it. Say hello to your newest follower :)

    http://talillajessica.blogspot.co.uk/ x

  23. Ahh I have this T-shirt but never wear it, may have to give this ago!

  24. no way was that dress £2!!
    i want one so bad for my holiday!
    better get looking on ebay


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