A/W Wishlist

12 September, 2012

ONE. // TWO. // THREE. // FOUR. // FIVE.

1.) The swift arrival of September is here after a pretty dismal summer now means it's officially Autumn and the high street is now an abundance of burgundy knits and khaki jackets in preparation for the coming Winter months. I've had my own trusty, faux, bomber leather jacket from a concession at Topshop for a good 5 years but it's starting to look a little worn and tattered. I've decided I wanted to replace it with a studded, biker style jacket and this particular jacket from Glamorous is just perfect!

2.) Along with the rest of the female population, I've been lusting over Jeffrey Campbell's Roscoe boots forever. I love the cut-out detailing which means they would look great if worn barefoot or even with a pair of cute ankle socks to juxtapose the masculinity of the boot. The irritating thing is I cannot seem to find them sold anywhere in the UK and I hate paying custom charges on top of an already pricey pair of boots. Just give me them NOW.

3.) I don't think I really suit beanie hats, but that doesn't stop me wanting to wear them and wish ever so hard that I can pull the off. The horrible truth is I look like a burglar when I do wear them! I promise I'm not out to rob your houses. This simple little grey ASOS beanie is both cute and practical as it would go with pretty much anything in my wardrobe whilst keeping my ears warm at the same time.

4.) This studded, leather Topshop bowler bag is an ideal size to fit my everyday essentials in for winter. Although I have an existing collection and certain soft spot for leather, studded bags already, I feel like they could do with a new sister and this would sit comfortably on my shoulder for the next few months.

5.) Galaxy printed, velvet and Evil Twin?! I'm almost certain that this dress was designed with me in mind! It's a little on the pricey side at £85, but Evil Twin is on the higher price bracket of the high street market. I could wait for the end of season sale, but I really want this dress for the Christmas party season, which is fast approaching (eeeeeee!).


  1. I love looking at peoples wish lists! and your has made me want that dress and those boots !!


  2. i have also been lusting after the galaxy print dress and Jeffrey Campbell boots. Ah a girl can dream aye.. I wouldn't even mind too much forking out the huge price of the boots if it wasn't accompanied with the big custom charge too! xx

  3. love the bag and the jacket,so beautiful and cool

  4. lovely wishlist. I especially love the Roscoe Boots. I've been wanting a pair for ages!

    HANNAH †

    PS: there's a Gogo Philip jewellery giveaway on my blog, 2nd post down. Open to entries from all over the world.

  5. I love everything! I've been lusting after this dress too its a right beaut <3 xx

  6. Loving that dress! Soo annoying that it's way over priced! :(

  7. I love the galaxy print!!


  8. The galaxy dress is just beautiful! Such a cool print & in velvet too?! Love! You should definitely get it, I think it'd suit you perfectly :)

  9. aah those boots! so amazing. x

  10. When I was at reading a girl had this cosmic dress on and she looked GORGEOUS, you'll so look lovely in it! xxxx

  11. perfect perfect perfect! i want all of the above

  12. The dress and the shoes are to die for. TOGETHER. Wear them together and if it's cold put on the hat. Oh Evil Twin how you taunt us with your pricing....

    Gemma x


  13. Sigh, I'm with you on the Evil Twin dress. And if you wanted to order from Solestruck let me know, I'd get in on the order and pay half the customs!

  14. This would make the most dreamy outfit ever, I really want a beanie hat too! Love it xxx

  15. Love the dress, the print is amazing and the colours are great for Autumn. I can totally imagine you in this :)

    Jo. x

  16. that dress and jacket are so on mine list!
    so fab.


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  17. LOVE this list....unbelievably excited about layering up!Hurry up chilly weather!


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