Halloween Costume: It's a doll's life

06 November, 2012

Dress: Topshop Sale, £20 // Bow: D.I.Y. // Teddy: Charity Shop, £3

I thought I would share with you a few party pictures from Halloween night as I never managed to take any specific photographs of my costume. My original intention was to dress as a Mexican Day of The Dead skeleton, but after much debate in my mind I decided to opt for a living doll. I think it was mainly the excitement of trying to recreate a doll's make-up that changed my mind. After being sat in the back of my wardrobe with the tags still attached for the past few months, I managed to finally put my infamous Topshop "heart boob" dress to good use. It seemed like the perfect option for a dolly's dress. I've always been the type of person that takes fancy dress a little too seriously... If I could live in fancy dress I probably would! I'm a born escapist and daydreamer, so costume is just another way for me to be able to express that.

I started my evening at a little instore work party in where we all dressed up, drank until we were merry and ate American candycorn. Afterwards, we headed out to town in the torrential rain, which did seem to destroy my hair but thankfully I had drank enough wine by that point not to care. I'm really happy with how my make-up turned out. I used Estée Lauder's Double Maximum Foundation (which is a GODSEND) for matte dolly skin, whilst emphasising my pink blusher as much as possible. For the eyes, I lined the underneath with white eyeliner and then used two sets of false eyelashes (one on top and one on the bottom) to widen the eyes. Over the course of the night I ended up coated in more and more fake blood! Now, time to start planning for Halloween 2013...


  1. Amazing outfit and makeup! Xxx

  2. Leigh your outfit is amazing. And actually because I'm a blouse, I am scared! But you still look hot too.x

  3. Your makeup is actually amazing! Love it


  4. you look amazing! can't believe i've only just found your blog :)xxxxx

  5. I love the dress you wore!

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  7. Just found your blog. Love the first picture!

    Hope you'll visit me, I will be grateful :)
    Lots of kisses, Elena

  8. I dressed as a doll too, you look amazing! Loveee the dress and bow!

    Laila x


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