AX Circus Event

16 April, 2013

As well as the Motel Rocks Press Event I posted about previously, I also attended a press event hosted by AX Paris & e-Tail PR last Wednesday evening held in the upmarket venue of Circus in Covent Garden, which I must admit was ever so well concealed! We even had a little trouble finding it having to backtrack on ourselves after passing it. The theme of the evening was based on the circus and we were treated to delicious rum infused cocktails, canapes and regular performances from circus inspired acts, which included dancers, fire breathers and some rather attractive gentleman spinning around a ribbon. How could I ever complain? Although at one point he came rather close to kicking me in the face. Awkward.

The highlight of my evening was definitely being able to meet so many of my favourite bloggers, some for the very first time. It's so wonderful to be in an environment with so many like-minded people who are not necessarily from your hometown. My favourite part had to be the photobooth, which always seems to prove a hit at blogger events. The fancy dress stash and manual photobooth set up was heaps of fun to act silly after a few cocktails and glasses of wine. As you can see we certainly made the most of it! Overall, the evening was a huge success thanks to the wonderful and hard work of the girls at e-Tail and the AX Paris team!


  1. Such cute snaps!!
    I've seen so many posts about this event looks like such a blast!
    S xx

  2. The photos are great! I love the photo booth ones:D This looks like a fantastic night!
    Sofia x

  3. The photo booth was very addictive!

  4. This looked like such a fun event! :)

  5. Awww yeaaaaah baybeh! Was so nice to properly meet you, it was such a good night! <3

  6. Lovely post my love & it was AMAZING to briefly meet you, I've been a fan for a long time. I adored the photo booth just a bit too much ;)



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