Motel Rocks Press Day

14 April, 2013

On Wednesday I had was the busiest and most exciting day I have had in a long while! Tuesday evening I saw myself hopping on a coach with the destination of London for an early morning interview on the Wednesday, then followed by a day of press events around London! First on the circuit was Motel Rocks in where their showroom was alive with nostalgia of the 90's, the era of my childhood. We were greeted by the ever beautiful Selina and was treated to a bottle of Hooch, which just so happens to be one of my alcoholic favourites, before being taken through the new collections Motel has to offer. In the corner of the room the area had been transformed into a replica of a teen 90's bedroom complete with VHS, boyband posters, Polly Pockets, feather boas, an inflatable chair and even a Dream Phone! I've got to admit, I was never the owner of a Dream Phone when I was younger because I grew up as a bit of a tomboy, so playing it was a whole new experience to me.

The showroom had several new collections for us to have a little sneak preview of, as well as their current. Essentially Motel is taking a leap back in time to it's original 90's roots, hence the theme, with a lot of reworked past prints and shapes reappearing. One rail in particular full of dresses featuring grungey graphic prints of acid house smileys, Pegasus horses and eastern influenced imagery would not go amiss on a young Miss Gwen Stefani circa the early No Doubt days. There were a pair of full length, burgundy, paisley dugarees that I fell particularly head over heels for!

Another collection that grabbed my attention was the 'Eastern Promise' collection, which features a bright, inky blue mandala, ethnic inspired print in looser, babydoll shapes in contrast to the usual fitted, bodycon numbers that Motel is well known for. I felt as though they could easily be sold amongst the stock at Urban Outfitters and would be ideal for my Glastonbury festival wardrobe. I may have to make a few cheeky purchases there! I'm really happy that Motel have stepped away from the constant fitted shapes in favour of more smock shapes that are a lot more practical for hot summer days (if they ever arrive!) and for those of us who are a little wary of bodycon.

Hat: H&M, £12.99 // Dress: Topshop (last year), £36 // Belt: New Look, £2.99 // Rucksack*: c/o Grafea // Boots: Urban Outfitters Sale, £7.50 w/ staff discount

I wore my cutout, patchwork, paisley Topshop dress that I bought last summer teamed with a wide brim, black hat, my white leather Grafea rucksack and some studded Chelsea boots that were an absolute steal in the Urban Outfitters sale. As you may have noticed I had green streaks run through my hair by the Colour Xtreme team that were present at the event! It's only sprayed in colour, but I've got to admit that I've warmed to the idea of having green running through my hair. Maybe I'll make it a little more permanent come summer?! What are your thoughts on the newer collections? Are you a fan of the 90's revival trend?


  1. Ah Leigh you look so lovely, you should definitely go ahead and take the plunge in regards to the green hair - you pull it off so well! I'm so gutted I couldn't make it down to this, it looks like so much fun and would have been so nice to finally meet you! xx

  2. Love your outfit and this really looks like the most amazing press day! Seen so much blog posts and it all looks great

    A little bit Unique - Blog // Facebook // Bloglovin


  3. I love the look of the Eastern Promises pieces! :)

  4. All of this is so freaky freaky freaky FRESH. Can't go wrong with a little Rayanne Graff inspired clothing ensembles!

  5. Dream phone!!! I have definitely played that far too recently... but it is a classic xxx

  6. Looks like a great event - loving the retro bedroom! x

  7. Love it - my bedroom used to look like that ha ha. Great outfit too!

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  8. It's a shame we missed eachother there! Your hair looks great, I also agree that the non-bodycon items are much more appealing xx

  9. Love this post! The event looks amazing and your outfit looks so cute!

    Boy In Brogues

  10. I love motel rock! It looks like you had a fantastic time! :D The bedroom they created is amazing and very close to reality to a bedroom in the 90's! :O I played dream phone once and its soo much fun! Lovely blog you got :)
    Sofia x
    I'm your newest follower xx

  11. Oh wow so many great pieces!
    Great snaps!
    And love your dress
    S xx

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