I hope you can be a little patient with me...

17 May, 2013

I have to apologise for my recent inactivity and neglect of this blog for it was not something I had intended. I've came across several recent hurdles in life that have prevented me from posting regularly, so I'm hoping you can all bear with me until I get my life back on the right pathway again. I have however decided to share with you some of the more positive moments in the past few weeks that I have enjoyed including lazy days in the park, catching up with old friends over coffee, experimenting with inks & joining my housemate for fancy evenings with wine by the harbour. I'm the first person to regularly grunt and complain about my current location of Southampton as I miss my London dearly, however it's easy to forget just how splendid and beautiful this south coast city can be when the sun comes out to play. The one aspect Southampton holds above London is the fact it is on the coast, which means I can take a little trip down to the water whenever I please. There is something about cities with a waterfront that I cannot help but love.

This little rut I have managed to dig myself may have just came at the right time as I've wanted to refresh this little blog for a while. Although Fox & Feather is primarily a fashion blog I feel it has became overrun with outfit and style posts. Despite being a self-confessed shopping addict and having eyes bigger than my wardrobe, I still have a heap of other passions and past times that I would love to share on this blog. In the past I've been limited in sharing my love for literature, art, photography, film & music on this blog. However, I'm aiming to expand my content across this blog to cover everything that feeds my creative hunger. The past few weeks during my haze I've also developed a new addiction, which is working out at the gym. I was always the first person to scoff at gym bunnies as I couldn't think of anything less enjoyable, but now I'm finding myself there at least 5 days a week doing up to 2 hour sessions. I am the world's biggest hypocrite, I know. Not only is it the best form of stress relief I've ever encountered, but I'm also starting to feel so much better in myself. I'm starting to feel it taking effect on my physical fitness and my body, which is something I've always been uncomfortable with. So, I'm even contemplating dabbling in fitness posts now and again and if I have enough confidence tracking my progress on "Mission: Miley Cyrus' body".

I hope you can spare a little patience and join me on this journey of re-inventing Fox & Feather. I find it important for my blog to retain a personality, rather than falling into the ideal standards that seem to be set for fashion blogging nowadays. I believe by opening up the content beyond personal styling could prove rather refreshing. So, welcome to Fox & Feather, 'the little bit of everything blog'. I sure hope you can stick around!


  1. Hope you're alright bub. Totally empathise with your anxieties about fashion blogging, it can feel so structured beyond our control, but good for you for reclaiming it. I always love your art musings too :) xxx

  2. I hope you're ok amigo. Your art is so bloody amazing,I'd have the piece of my wall if I could! I'm looking forward to seeing all your new posts, it's always refreshing to see some variation xx

  3. Glad to hear your ok, I can't wait to see the refresh. I love your blog so I can inky imagine good things :)

  4. I hope you feel better. I understand the whole needing a break from everything feeling. I can't wait to see the changes you make, I'm sure they'll be great.
    Take care x

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