19 July, 2013

Charm Necklace*: c/o Wolftress

I was recently contacted by the founder of a wonderful, independent fashion label from down under named Wolftress who sell the most beautiful Wolfish charms that have been inspired by the cultures of ancient communities that the founders have discovered upon their travels. Every charm that has been lovingly crafted tells it's own story and is stated to be a symbol of empowerment, as well as belonging to the Wolftress pack. There is something beautiful about the individuality of the charm that stands out amongst the everyday, mass produced high street jewellery. According to Wolftress their charms are suitable for every day wear whether you’re going surfing, dancing, exploring untamed territories or dreaming. Since I have received mine, I can confirm mine has firmly stayed put around my neck close to my chest.

Staying true to their beliefs and ideas, Wolftress have partnered up with Global Greengrants Fund to help preserve the endangered cultures that have been the sole inspiration for their collection, along with their skills and stories. With every Wolfish charm purchased, Wolftress have kindly promised that 15% of profits go towards preserving the world’s 538 cultures that are now critically endangered. It's wonderful to think that whilst wearing your charm you've done your piece from across the world to help ancient communities that have inspired our present. You can read more about Wolftress' ambitions and projects, including their current 'Project Faja' here. I'm rather excited to see what treasures join Wolftress' future collections and projects.


  1. this is a really beautiful idea! sounds like a wonderful company, and it helps that the jewellery is gorgeous x


  2. That's utterly gorgeous! It'd be a beautiful statement piece as well as to layer with other pieces!

    Bella | BELLAETC

  3. These pieces look gorgeous
    S xx


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