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05 August, 2013

Compiling and styling outfits with clothes I don't own but desperately wished I owned is one of my favourite past times. I've been spending a lot of my time recently doing this on a new website called Dress Spy, which allows you to collage custom outfits and share them with your friends. However, Dress Spy isn't just a one trick pony and offers many more services other than creating outfits. It's a whole fashion dedicated network in where you can catch up on celebrity & fashion gossip, be updated on upcoming fashion trends and forecasts, have help by industry professionals in what to wear to that upcoming event you've had planned and on top of this receive discount at the likes of Miss Selfridge, Mango, Bottica and more! If you do sign up then don't hesitate to add me as a friend on my profile here.

OUTFIT ONE.| I simply adore this monochrome, paisley print, babydoll dress that is perfectly suited for a casual festival look when teamed with this khaki contrast parka and some leather ankle boots. An outfit like this has me longing for Glastonbury once again!

OUTFIT TWO.| How dreamy is this beautiful, bohemian style, white maxi dress. It's ideal for dreaming of a blazing summer's day in California in 1969. I decided to team it with this tapestry shoulder bag and western style, tan ankle boots for that Woodstock vibe.

OUTFIT THREE.| This is the most garish of my outfit combinations, but I think it may just be my favourite for that reason. I am certainly in love with this tapestry cardigan, which would be perfect for the upcoming autumn season. The distressed striped jumper is just so unusual and looks perfect with the tie-dye, high-waisted shorts.

Note: This is a sponsored post.


  1. I love outfit 1! The pattern of the dress is so pretty, and I love that style coat! All of these outfits are lovely! xxx


  2. Loving outfit one. The dress especially. Nice picks (:


  3. Outfit two is lush
    that maxi is gorge
    S xx

  4. i looooove that jacket from the first outfit!


  5. My feelings about aztec prints are, I have to admit, still very ambivalent... But I love the dress you chose for the first outfit, and the more I see of them, the more I feel I have to get one of these aztec bagpacks. ;)
    Great compilations! :)



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