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12 August, 2013

Headband: River Island, £4 | Kimono: Minkpink via Urban Outiftters (old), £30 | Top: Topshop (old), £10 | Levi's 501's: Brag Vintage | Shoes: Vintage via Urban Outiftters, £24 | Bag: Primark (old), £3

As those who work in retail may know to have a whole entire weekend off is about as sadly impossible as finding a unicorn. However, this weekend I was lucky enough to be granted this rarity and my mum came to visit me in Southampton for the weekend. She happens to be quite the ideal outfit snap photographer and I wish I could keep her with me all the time. On the Saturday I took her to see one of my favourite parts of the city in the Old Town, which is steeped in history with it's cobble stone streets, castle ruins, museums and quaint Tudor-era pubs. I've wanted a perfect pair of Levi's 501 jeans for a while now and Brag Vintage have supplied the perfect light blue pair. Buying vintage items online is always a risk as you can never be certain just what condition the item is going to be in, however these jeans are most definitely 'Grade A' vintage with almost no sign of wear to them whatsoever. When it comes to jeans, I've always been a strictly skinnies girl, however I love the baggier shape of the 501's which are certainly more comfortable than the rest of my skin tight jean collection. They even got me through the biggest fry-up breakfast without any discomfort! I definitely wouldn't hesitate ordering from Brag Vintage again as I'm convinced all of their vintage goodies will be in perfect condition if they're anything like these jeans.

I'm still wearing these 'pretty ugly' cut-out vintage shoes almost everyday. I can't believe how lucky I was to spot them in the vintage section and that they were actually in my size! Although they have pretty much disfigured the back of my left heel with blisters, they have been sorely worth it. I've received a ton of compliments on this sequin-embellished, gypsy-style headband which was surprisingly from River Island. I'm not River Island's biggest fan, so this little sale find was a pleasant surprise. Although my weekend off was wonderful, it's back to reality for me now for a little while.


  1. You look awesome Leigh! I love this outfit, especially your shoes! xxx


  2. LOVE this outfit. The headband, the lace crop, the fringed bag... it's perfect. I may also have to invest in a pair of those jeans myself.

    Helen at "Hels Yeah" xx

  3. So in love with this outfit! Those shoes and those jeans are wondrous.


  4. I wish I could pull off an outfit like that as easily as you do !
    Issy x

  5. You are looking lovely. Nice to hear that your mum came to meet you. It is always a nice feeling when we are with our mum. I like your boots. This type of women boots are become popular these days.

  6. I love your top and headband! You look lovely :) x

  7. I know what you meant to say about River Island - I feel quite the same with alsmot all British brands; I rarely ever find anything, but when I do, it comes as a suprise (naturally ;)).
    This look is so sweet, especially the hair band. :) My hair always looks like a mess if I try to arrange the band that way, so I have to wrap it around my head and arrange my hair to fall over it... ;)


  8. Aw, it sounds like you had a lovely time with your mama! I'm a bit obsessed with your jeans- they fit you so well and are the perfect combo of relaxed and cool!

    Xo, Hannah


  9. Awwww I'm a Brag fan too! I think their range of dresses was pretty good, I liked how you could search via size because so many vintage shops are just higgeldy piggeldy. These jeans look fab on you matey, and kudos to your photographer mum! <3 Claire at Jazzpad


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