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07 August, 2013

Top: Urban Outfitters, £6 | Skirt: Urban Outfitters, £10 | Necklace: Matalan, £2 | Socks: Primark, £2 | Shoes: Urban Outfitters, £24

I've finally been reunited with the beloved internet at my house so I am blogging on a regular basis once again as well as catching up on all of my favourite reading material across the web. In the absence of the internet my boredom got the better of me and I've lightened my hair to blonde and finally acquired a nose piercing. I'm ever so impatient for it to heal though, so I can change it to a ring! You can partially see part of my new bedroom, which I'm absolutely in love with as it's the size of a small studio apartment.

This is an almost entirely Urban Outfitters outfit, however it's all relatively old. This skater skirt combines two of my ultimate favourite things: velvet & paisley. It's the perfect creation. These chunky, cut-out shoes were from the vintage renewal section and they are certainly shoes my mum would be proud of. When I was a kid she would forever try and persuade me to get 'sensible', chunky, buckled school shoes which I always turned my nose up at. Now I'm wearing them by choice! This particular pair are from the 70's and resemble a Vagabond style that I was lusting after. These were a much, much cheaper price though.


  1. What a beauty that skirt is!

  2. Ah I love this post! I think I actually have the same rug as you in my bedroom. I also love velvet & paisley as a combo so this skirt's a winner!

    Try leave your nose as long as possible, mine took aaaages to heal. But I would recommend changing to a ring as soon as you can - I ripped my stud out so many times, once in the gym by a towel, then it went clattering down the drain :(

    A triumphant return to blogging <3

    1. Also how did I not mention the wolf.. did you paint that?

  3. I love this outfit, so many of my clothes are from Urban Outfitters it's definitely my fave store x


  4. That skirt is to die for and I love your lounge.

  5. Love the pattern on your skirt :) x

  6. Loving this outfit, can't believe the skirt was only £10, what a bargain!

    Sweet Monday

  7. This outfit is amazing!! I love your style, you have a new follower! x

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  9. you look gorgeous :)

    check out my blog! if you like it follow me and I follow you back

  10. This outfit is so perfect for fall! I love your knee socks and skirt, they are so lovely together! You've got great style :)

    Xo, Hannah



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