90's Inspired Wishlist

25 October, 2013

All pieces from Avenue 32

The 90's trend arrived on the scene a fair while back and it's still going strong on the high street and on the catwalks. With the revival of candy-coloured hair, platform shoes and plaid prints it seems the 90's trend is here to stay for a little while longer. Cher Horowitz from Clueless is definitely a steady style icon in my books for the time being. What's great about the 90's trend is just how much fun it is and it's becoming more and more diverse. I was completely unsure of the PVC trend at the first appearance of it, but I've grown to absolutely adore it. This pink PVC skirt I've picked would look dreamy when teamed with a fully-buttoned blouse, a fur gillet and chunky boots.

Plaid and tartan prints are my favourite for this winter, and I'm on the hunt for the perfect tartan blazer. Also, I've had my eye on a number of fluffy jumpers to wear underneath one and different accessories and jewellery to complete the look and make a statement. All I need now is a Dream Phone and an inflatable backpack to make a truly 90's outfit.


  1. Omg I love 90's so much! Such an inspiration... loved this post! :)


  2. That plaid coat is amazing! I love it so much, the cut and pattern is perfect xo

  3. that final skirt is amazing!!!

    abi from a little dust

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  5. So many gorgeous things, love that coat

    Ellen // A little bit Unique // Facebook // Bloglovin // Instagram


  6. Ah so in love
    S xx


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