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20 October, 2013

Top: Urban Outfitters, £7.50
Beanie: Primark, £3
Backpack: Charity Shop, £3
Doc Marten's: Secondhand (old)

Even though I love extravagant clothing with platform soles and big faux furs, I'm at my most comfortable wearing an oversized tee and my oldest pair of Doc Marten's that I've owned since I was 15. Growing up I was always a tomboy choosing skateboards and football over Barbies and make-up, which I think has had an influence on my adult life. I'm a pretty sucky girl. Make-up techniques are lost on me, my nail art is abysmal and I CANNOT BAKE. What kind of excuse of a woman am I?

I am a fan of beautiful, floaty, bell-sleeved dresses and towering shoes, but sometimes androgyny is my friend. This particular t-shirt was actually from the menswear section at work and it's an ideal length to work as a dress (although I always wear a pair of super short shorts underneath in case of any mishaps). Even the beanie hat is from the menswear section in Primark. Sometimes just comfort is key.


  1. LOVE boy dressing. Your hat is a gorgeous colour! xo

  2. Really cool outfit :) I love the top and the hat's definitely something I'd wear. If I liked my legs I'd wear something like this but I don't, so I'd probably add a skirt. You suit it though :)



    Hailes Hearts Fashion.

  3. Cute beanie!! :) You have such cool style. www.clashingtime.blogspot.com <3 xxx

  4. Love your DMs!
    Jen xx


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