O U T F I T | Joseph

23 October, 2013

Dress*: c/o Joseph
Hat: H&M, £12.99
Shoes: eBay, £28

I've been contemplating a lot recently that maybe now I'm 22 years old it is time to re-think and de-clutter my wardrobe in order to replace all the tat with lifelong investment pieces such as this beautiful, striking, blue, pleated dress from Joseph. With a lot of disposable fashion retailers on the high street such as Primark with their ridiculously cheap prices and up to date trends it's easy to get sucked into spending a fair amount of money on 10 pieces which you'll only wear once or twice before they're shoved to the back of the wardrobe as they're out of season once more. I must admit in recent weeks I've been more impressed with the quality of Primark, but I really want to re-shape my entire wardrobe and eradicate a lot of the high street garments in favour of vintage pieces and long-lasting, classic designer numbers that I'll wear again and again over the years. There are so many alternative ways and other websites to sell your unwanted clothes nowadays unlike the obvious method of eBay.

This particular Joseph dress is a little more chic and sophisticated that what I'm used to. I struggled to style it a little and I'm still convinced it would look better without tights but this bitter weather will not permit that. I think the key with this classic dress is to keep it simple. I must admit I'm a little aware of every inch of my figure as I'm not used to wearing something so body-con, but I think I need to start overcoming my phobia of more fitted clothing. The dress is so well-crafted and I know it'll last me years upon years and will definitely be making multiple appearances next spring and summer!


  1. I love this hat! lovely style

    abi from a little dust

  2. This dress looks gorgeous on you, love the colour <3


  3. Love this look on you and that hat is so cute :) Also, in terms of buying investment pieces instead of disposable Primark kind of garments, I think it's nice to have a mix. I mean, I don't have enough money to buy plenty of quality statement pieces so when I get one that I know will transcend through the seasons, I am super happy. I like having a mix of qualities in my wardrobe. Sometimes it's nice to wear a crappy Primark dress and know that it is easily replaced.

    Great post though, I love your style :)


    Hailes Hearts Fashion.

  4. You look gorgeous, that colour really suits you xo


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