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11 October, 2013

Jumpsuit*: c/o Pussycat London
Rucksack*: c/o Grafea
Belt: Vintage via Urban Outfitters, £5
Beanie: Primark, £3
Boots: eBay, £28

What is possibly more fabulous than a silky black, plunge neckline, wide leg jumpsuit?! You tell me. Maybe the alternative in a leopard print, but I don’t think I quite have the courage to don quite a number. I’m obsessed with jumpsuits. OBSESSED. What’s not to love about a slouchy, one-piece that allows all your lunging needs without exposing your pants. I’m not the most graceful lady, so playsuits and jumpsuits have indeed been my saving grace on alcohol-infused night outs keeping my modesty firming intact and covered. Unfortunately despite being a loyal supporter of the almighty jumpsuit, I am still a little picky when it comes to selecting them for my own wardrobe. I’ve seen far too many ill-fitted numbers that resemble nightwear and are more suitable for days in bed rather than to be seen outside of the bedroom, let alone the house.

This full-length, black romper is however meant to be seen. In fact I always want it to be seen. Despite being a jumpsuit there is something so elegant about the way it falls and I absolutely adore it. Also, it’s an absolute steal at just £16 from Pussycat London! You can’t even buy a train ticket for that nowadays (I say that as I’m typing this from a grubby coach to London, after not being able to afford the train, so please forgive my bitterness)! It would not look out of place at a formal evening event. However, I cannot even remember the last time I attended an event to wear such a piece, so for a day-to-day look I dressed it down with my newly acquired beanie hat from the menswear department in Primark and my trusty, chunky, buckle boots.

Last night I worked the night shift in preparing the Urban Outfitters sale. There’s some pretty good bargains to be had with at least 50% off. No one does a sale like we do, so go and take a gander here. Well worth spending your pocket money on!


  1. totally radical dude! like, keep it up man!

  2. What a beau dress!!
    Love that rucksack
    S xx

  3. You look stunning , literally!!! Love this look xx

  4. That playsuit is amazing! I love it, especially the wide leg! I wouldn'y be able to pull of the plunge neckline though!

    Cat, xo
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  5. Love that dress! You look awesome leigh! x


  6. lurve it! perfect outfit <3


  7. Ah wow this is a jumpsuit! Didn't realise. It's so gorgeous
    Lucia's Loves

  8. Such a babe- you look amazing x

  9. Mate you look fierce! I don't think you've ever styled such a sophisticated number before, I love the way it drapes and it doesn't even look like a jumpsuit. Love! <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  10. This whole outfit is gorgeous! I love the dress, the belt, the hat, EVERYTHING xo


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