O U T F I T | Faux Fur & Velvet

09 November, 2013

Fur gilet: Primark, £18
Velvet top: Charity shop, £4
Necklace*: c/o Wolftress
Shoes: Vintage via Urban Outfitters, £24

Saturdays off of work are a rarity when you work in retail as anyone who happens to work in a shop will tell you. I however managed to score this particular Saturday off which means I've been able to spend the day doing exactly what I please (which hasn't been too much I must admit). I did however muster up the energy to do a little outfit post. I've wanted a white fur gilet since seeing Sara rock hers time and time again! They're just so versatile and easy to throw over any outfit. I saw this lone one in my local Primark a few weeks ago one evening after work and left it behind after the sheer frustration of not being able to find a full-length mirror (Primark Southampton is currently undergoing construction so it's an absolute mirror-less maze). However, I spent that evening stewing that I hadn't picked it up and prayed that it was still there the next morning. Thankfully it was and I nabbed it for £18. Although I'm a little bitter at paying almost £20 for a single item in Primark (YES I AM A CHEAPSKATE), in comparison to the prices of Topshop's fur gilets it's a steal!

I have such an issue with anything velvet; a very large percentage of my wardrobe is velvet. I just can't get enough of it. I cannot control my hands reaching towards that one extra velvet or velour blouse I find in a charity shop. It's like an addiction or serious hoarding problem. This particular witchy, black velvet number is the perfect oversize for comfort and length to be just about long enough. I always tend to favour a short hemline with tights in the winter time, because I've never been much of a jeans or trouser person. Fur and velvet are two of my favourite autumn-winter textures so I plan to be combining them time and time again this coming season.


  1. I love that gilet! You look gorgeous xo

  2. such a pretty outfit, your style is amazing!! <3


  3. I love fur and I love velvet - perfect outfit! X


  4. fur and velvet? what's not to love!..I'm a fan too.. cool outfit!

  5. Ah, a Saturday off is a mythical thing in retail! x

  6. love these textures! gotta get myself a fur vest for the winter :)


  7. I love the vest its really cute..black and white is my thing...cute! RoRo’s World

  8. Cool photos :) this outfit is so cute and I love your hair colour!


    Hailes Hearts Fashion.

  9. Love this outfit, the white fur is so pretty for winter!


  10. Seriously, velvet just looks SO good on you, enviable! ;) I love the fur vest - LOVE it, I swear! You have such a unique and effortlessly cool style.



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