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07 November, 2013

I'm not sure of the exact moment it happened but the weather has plummeted to bitterly cold temperatures during this transition into winter. At night I'm finding myself sleeping in jumpers and socks in my stubborn refusal to turn on the heating (oh student living!). Of course the colder weather means reconsidering your wardrobe all together swapping the sunnies for scarves and the shorts for sweaters. Despite the need to be practical with your outfit choices in this frosty season, you can still certainly be on trend. If anything I love winter clothing so much more than summer clothing. The layering, the accessories, the boots and do not get me started on my love of jackets. I think I have more jackets and coats compared to any other garment in my wardrobe!

In particular, New Look have got some great little winter numbers. I am continuously lusting after mohair jackets at the moment and will not be content until I have one in my grubby little paws. This beautiful cream boyfriend coat is ideal and would go with almost any winter time outfit. An alternative and practical option to the boyfriend jacket is the classic, hooded parka jacket, which is definitely more appropriate with the unpredictable rain we seem to suffer from. I've come to depend on beanies nowadays to cover up the days I feel too lazy to do anything with my hair, which is most days, let's face it! The velvet swing dress may look a little skimpy for the winter, but velvet is definitely the fabric of this season. It would be perfect for a party or layered over a polo neck top for a daytime look.


  1. Lovely picks! I think I need more jacket and coats in my life.


  2. That coat is really cool - it's not something I'd usually pick out but actually I love it! Great picks xo

  3. Lovely post!
    That velvet dress is lovely,

    xmrc.blogspot.co.uk x

  4. Love the velvet dress :) xx


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