O U T F I T | A Sequin Crusade Amongst Velvet Dreams

12 December, 2013

Dress*: c/o Fashion Union
Kimono: Hobbs via Charity Shop, £4
Hat: New Look, £10
Boots: eBay, £5

I have an undeniable love for slip swing dresses at the moment and when I first saw this sequin-embellished Fashion Union number I knew it had to be mine. Choosing a colour was difficult as I loved all three options (gold, silver and black), but for some reason I've always been drawn to gold. I was tempted by the notion of owning a silver dress, but still couldn't resist the gold. I'm not quite sure why I'm always drawn to gold when it comes to clothing as I personally find a lot (but not all) gold jewellery rather tacky. However, gold sequins is another matter entirely! This dress is an almost definite option for either my work Christmas party or a NYE number. After all the loose, smock shape is ideal for hiding unwanted food babies and champagne tummies. I can even see myself getting some use out of it during festival season next summer!

How delicious are my new platform, velvet boots? I never knew one pair of shoes could make a girl so happy! For years I've always had the ideal crushed velvet, 70's boots in the back of my mind, which has led to me searching high and low in secondhand shops. Finally, my hunt for the dream pair of boots paid off as I won these on eBay for just £5! They are officially my favourite pair of shoes ever. Now the hunt for the same pair in wine red is on!


  1. Ahh I can't believe those shoes were a fiver you little bargain hunter! You look lovely, that dress really suit you xx

  2. Love this outfit so much!
    I really want a slip style dress.


  3. That dress is perfect! you look lovely, so jealous of those boots too! xo

  4. BAB! You look so lovely - those crushed velvet booties are a dream and at £5 what a bargain! x

  5. You look incredible, this is such an awesome outfit! x


  6. I LOVE the contrasting textures here - your dress is gorgeous xo

  7. Love that dress so much! And those shoes, OH MY LORDDDD!

  8. Love that dress! So pretty <3

    Ellen xx

  9. i so love your outfit! beautiful!

    check out my new blog:

  10. Hello beautiful! This dress looks gorgeous on you, and what a bargain pair of shoes! x


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