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09 December, 2013

Dress: Urban Outfitters (old), £15
Glasses*: c/o London Retro via My Optique
Brogues: Topshop (old), £30
Bag: Charity Shop, £4

I was recently contacted by Zalando to take part in their 'New Girl' inspired competition in where you feature a blog post dedicated to the show. As a self-confessed lover of the sitcom, and particularly Zooey Deschanel's kooky, retro style I decided to style an outfit based on star of the show: Miss Jessica Day! In terms of style I'm probably most like Jess as I have an eclectic mixture of clothing and accessories, as well as a tendency to hoard pretty little objects. My bedroom in itself is a treasure trove. Admittedly, Jess's style is a little more prim and proper than my own, but her adoration for one-off, vintage pieces is something we most definitely share. A particular episode that I re-call is one in where her housemates are mocking her for her collection of crazy bags, which is something I am also guilty of; WELL, HELLOOOOO CRAZY CAT BAG!

Both the dress and my faithful, battered, golden brogues are rather old and have served me well. Jess is known for her consistent love of pretty, 50's and 60's shaped tea dresses and I can see her wearing this burgundy and lace little number that I'm sporting as she skips around her apartment. Of course, she would not be Jessica Day without her thick-rimmed, geek chic glasses that sit neatly beneath her fringe. I happen to have a similar pair of London Retro frames that were recently sent to me by My Optique. Now all I'm missing is Schmidt with his witty one-liners for a best friend by my side and a beautiful apartment in L.A.

If you want to piece together a Jessica Day inspired wardrobe too, be sure to browse Zalando's 'New Girl' collection here.


  1. Your room is adorable and love the outfit of course!


  2. Absolutely adore your blog, cannot believe i've only just stumbled upon it!
    following FOR SURE!!

  3. Ah I love new girl! This look is so cute!!

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  5. leigh i always get room envy when i come on your blog it looks so good! definitely feeling the zooey vibes here - you look lush! x

  6. awesome photos!


  7. Those shoes are probably the best things I've ever EVER seen, not going to lie. Gorgeous photos xo

  8. you're so cute!
    and i love the scenary

  9. Such a cute bag. You can get some bargains in charity shops!

    Emma x

  10. What a sweet outfit and beautiful shade of lipstick. And, believe it or not, but I did take my time to check those books - always curious. :)

  11. I love your living room and the bag is so adorable, such a good find.

  12. Oooh your blog! It's all.... new and swish! I've been one of those annoyingly silent blog readers lately (sorry bum) but couldn't resist posting today because you just look so sweet. I'd pick you to hang out with over Zooey any day :) <3 Claire @ Jazzpad


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