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03 December, 2013

I was much inspired by Lyzi's 'Cat Lover's Wishlist' last week, so much so that I decided to create a wishlist for my own favourite animal of choice, the fox (if you hadn't figured already). Every year without fail I get an assortment of fox themed gifts for Christmas and my birthday, which is only a few weeks afterwards! It's a certainty that if I receive a fox-themed gift I'll definitely love it. The majority of what I've picked out from above is from a recently discovered website called Not On The High Street which has a wide variety of cute, kitschy gifts from different crafters and sellers. All I did was search the word 'fox' and voila I was delivered hundreds of cute, original products that make great gift ideas! A couple of other pieces including the temporary fox tattoo are from sellers on Etsy. I love the transfer tattoo so much; if only anyone were able to create a permanent tattoo that intricate I would get it done in an instant.

Ultimately though I'd quite like a pet domesticated fox cub if money wasn't an option at all.


  1. So many awesome things. I tried finding the socks, but not had any luck. Do you have a link for them at all please?

    1. I couldn't find a link for just the socks unfortunately :( I found them via another blog which didn't have a link for the product. I'm desperately trying to hunt them down but if I find them I'll let you know! xxx

  2. I love all the fox designs that are around at the moment! Really cute picks :)



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