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16 January, 2014

Fur Coat: H&M (old!)
Headband: River Island, £4
Crop Top: Charity Shop, £2
Waistcoat: Charity Shop, £5
Belt: Urban Outfitters Renewal, £5
Trousers:Charity Shop, £2
Rucksack*: c/o Grafea
Shoes*: c/o DressLily

I am fully aware the majority of this outfit is made up of charity shop treasures, but in all honesty most of what I wear is bought from charity shops. My style tends to be mainly influenced by vintage trends, particularly the 60's & 70's, so in that respect I tend to mainly shop vintage over high street. If you can be bothered to trawl through the rubbish charity shops are havens for finding vintage gems at a fraction of the price of vintage specialist shops! For example, these huge palazzo printed trousers were just £2, as was this grungey printed, monochrome cropped top. The embellished waistcoat was a little pricier but it was still only £5, which is such a great price considered how detailled and beautiful the embellishments are. The palazzo pants are definitely more practical for summer as I was absolutely freezing with all these gale force winds we're currently experiencing. Even this magnificent faux fur coat wasn't quite enough to keep me warm today!

This Grafea white leather rucksack has served me so well over the years. I was one of the lucky few bloggers sent one of their rucksacks a few years ago when it featured in this post, but ever since then Grafea has grown as an established brand well-known for it's leather bags. The white Bianca rucksack, which I've styled up here has become particularly popular and iconic. In other news, my current compact camera is definitely on it's way out from the countless times I've dropped it and mistreated it. I think the time has come to invest in a sweet, little DSLR once my student loan has hurried itself into my bank account.


  1. Such an awesome outfit Leigh, love the clashing patterns! x


  2. That headband is amazing !YOu look stunning xo

  3. Looking lovely, cant believe the bargains you found! I've not been charity shop shopping since I moved to London, I think I need to hunt some down xx

  4. Those trousers are such a good find and you pull them off so well!
    Love this outfit

    xmrc.blogspot.co.uk x

  5. Such lovely detailing on the crop top! I really must start searching in charity shops more often, people always seem to find such treasures


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