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05 February, 2014

I must admit recently I have become obsessed with housewares and trying to make my bedroom into a magical, bohemian treasure trove. In reality it's more like an absolute jumble sale in here right now with the most impressive floordrobe you've EVER seen and just stuff everywhere! I've recently decided to create a 'fort' or 'den' above my bed in where I have pinned all my scarves and tapestries from the ceiling and dangled fairy lights along it. You can see my attempt at re-creating a picture perfect Tumblr bedroom above in the image to the right! What do you think? It was a bit of a spontaneous decision a few weeks ago.

I've been browsing housewares websites across the world wide web to add some finishing touches to my bedroom. I highly recommend Urbanara to pick up some finishing touches such as luxury throws, candles and stationary (WHO DOESN'T LOVE STATIONARY?!). The only problem is I'm only in this room for another six months before my tenancy is up, so everything I create or conjure up has to be transportable too. Oh, the life of renting! Do you have any recommendations for purchasing housewares or maybe any creative ideas for transforming a bedroom? Here's a few of my favourite bohemian and gypsy Tumblr blogs that I can help but scroll through for hours on end:

If you want to also take a look through my Tumblr, you can do so here! It's simply my online scrapbook of inspiration as I find I'm much more compatible with Tumblr than I am with Pinterest. I suppose it's much more suited to my messy, unorganised nature.


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