L F W A/W14 | Napsugar Von Bittera Presentation

17 February, 2014

This was the first season of fashion week that I have actually attended some shows, so I honestly had no idea what to expect. I had of course seen other blogger's experiences of it on their blogs, but I was still a little unaware of what shows entailed. I had always been curious of presentations over runway shows, maybe it's the desire to be a concept artist in me. I just adore giving a theme or narrative to anything, including fashion so I suppose the idea of presentations appeal to me a lot more. Also, whilst runway shows seem to last no more than ten minutes with each model on the runway for up to thirty seconds, there's no rush with presentations as they last a lot longer with changes occurring every fifteen minutes or so. This actually gives you a better chance to see the new collection, as well as photograph it a lot easier. My first show of this year's fashion week was the Napsugar Von Bittera which just so happened to be a presentation. It was a part of Fashion Scout within Freemason's Hall, just a ten minute walk away from Somerset House. The set-up was entirely inspired by pop-art with comic style signs with 'BOOM!' and 'KAPOW!' in bold colouring, along with a giant size bucket of popcorn and bitten into ice lolly. The models' hair and make up was also entirely inspired by retro looks, to match their setting along with props such as a bright red, vintage telephone.

The collection itself was kept to a very strict block colour palette of red, blue, black and white. Whilst some of the pieces were more so androgynous and tomboyish (the leather jackets, knee length leather shorts, sports socks and lace-up boots), Napsugar has also delivered some more feminine pieces including full-length, semi-fitted, evening dresses and circle-line, midi skirts. I must say I really enjoyed the high, leather platform buckle biker boots worn by one model. A couple of pieces of the collection were also made up of a monochrome, illustrated, fine line graphic print, which faintly broke up the block colouring from the rest of the collection. I've got to say I really liked this collection from Napsugar and the presentation itself was mesmerizing with it's sultry models, which one of was in fact a ballerina also! I've also been developing a fondness for statement white pieces, such as the white, quilted biker jacket, which I am now desperate to find a replica of! Can anyone hook a sister up?


  1. Looks like an awesome presentation. I haven't been to one yet so I'm glad you enjoyed it! I guess you're right, you do get to see the collection much better. Plus, I have to agree with you on the white quilted jacket, it's amazing!
    Vicki xx


  2. I'm hoping to apply for Fashion Week in September so I'm hoping I get invited to a presentation like this!! Looks great!! :) - www.foreverstylinggemss.com xo

  3. Yuo're outfit it's super cool :)
    Very nice blog!
    Keep doing this awesome work


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